4 Things to Consider When Buying a Butcher’s Knife

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Butcher’s knives are available in a wide variation and are primarily used to break down large pieces of meat. They usually have a long and sharp blade which is suited for butchering tasks. While a good butcher’s knife should be reliable, sharp, cost-effective and durable – there could be a confusion about how to select the best knife.

Before you set out shopping for the best butcher’s knife, there are few characteristics you should screen the knife for. This will help you shortlist the best knives for your usage!

Butcher Knives     

     1. Blade

A super sharp blade is quite important when it comes to butchering meat. Shop for a high carbon stainless steel blade which will not only last long but also be efficient enough. The stainless steel also allows the knife to cut through the hard meat without causing any damage to the knife. It significantly reduces the butcher’s effort. A blunt knife can not only be inefficient but also risky to use. Investing in a knife sharpener also, will pay off in the long run.

     2. Handle

Butcher’s knives are available with different kinds of handles. They could be wooden, plastic or steel handle knives. Always opt for a textured handle which provides a good grip because butchering can be quite slippery. Wooden handles are a good option too, but they can get rough with time. After washing such knives, its important to apply mineral oil on them to help preserve them.

     3. Size

Again, there’s a whole lot of sizes of butcher knives available out there. They range right from 6 inches in length to 14 inches. 

    - Smaller knives

If you often cook smaller pieces of meat like poultry or chops, you can opt for a smaller knife. They are good for getting around the bone of the meat. One additional benefit of smaller knife is that they are portable, handy and lightweight. This way they can easily be carried out while camping, trekking or hunting. Home-makers or home-chefs tend to use smaller knives ranging from 8-10 inches.

    - Bigger knives

Bigger meat pieces like venison or beef usually require a long knife. Long knives are used for long swipes and bigger cuts through the meat. Mostly used for skinning, these big knives are a favorite with professional butchers.

     4. Balance

The grip you get with the knife is extremely important. So always hold the knife, before you buy it. There are different kinds of knives. Some knives have their blade running through the handle as well. This means they have a full tang. These knives feel heavier when used and are preferred by many. They have a good balance as compared to lightweight knives. A knife that provides a good balance lends more control to the butcher and is considered efficient to carry out all butchering tasks.

If you have checked the knife for all the above-mentioned characteristics, it would definitely be a worthy investment and would be your kitchen companion for a long time!

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