3 Essential Butcher Supplies You Must Have

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If you own a butcher's shop, a small restaurant or an eatery, having the right tools for your daily butchering is essential. Being a butcher means professionally preparing the meat and also customizing it according to the need of the customer. Having the right tools and equipment handy can help you perform this job quickly and effectively.

There are an enormous variety of butcher's supplies available these days. Each culinary establishment can purchase the right set of tools according to their requirement. But it is essential to know the absolute basics of butchering equipment and have it handy even if it's just for home use.


 These three crucial butcher's tools can help you cook meat efficiently and more safely.

1.     Knife and Cutting Tools

Meat cutting is the most basic and essential process at every culinary establishment. It is never a one-time job and needs to be done several times a day. In a professional set up such as a butcher's shop, efficiency matters a lot. The right set of butcher's knives and cutting tools should be acquainted for an efficient cutting job, whether it is for meat, vegetables or poultry.

A butcher's shop houses different types of meats at any given point in time. And each meat might require a slightly different kind of blade or tool to be cut efficiently.  Therefore, proper cutting tools with different types of blades such as the chef's knife, meat cleaver, a boning knife are essential for a butcher.

2.     Knife Sharpener and Knife sharpening accessories

Cutting meat is not as easy as it looks. It is a detailed job, and the butcher knows that well. It takes immense focus and technique to make a neat and clean-cut of meat. Buyers prefer a clean cut of meat and relate it to better quality.

This makes it essential for the butcher to keep his knives sharp and ready. His knives should stay reliable at all times, and therefore they need to be sharpened at regular intervals.  Also, a quick sharpening of the knife can be required at times, especially in a fast-paced environment like a restaurant.  A butcher must purchase the most reliable sharpening stones, steel sharpeners, and electric units to help keep his knives sharp and ready for every meat cutting job.

3.     Butcher Safety Equipment (Apparel)

The butcher deals with sharp knives, grinders, grinding plates, and sharpeners on a daily basis and must take essential safety precautions. Protective apparel like gloves, arm guards can help protect the butcher. Butcher safety and hygiene are of paramount importance and should not be ignored. Especially in a fast-paced culinary environment, it is essential to take necessary precautions to avoid any severe injuries.

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