Packaging Food with Box Liners: 6 Important Things to Note

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A lot of focus is required when buying and selecting the best meat. But if you are a butcher or own an eatery, you know that a lot of effort is also needed for packaging it well. Any spillage or moisture from outside sources can harm the meat you are sending out to your customers!

But it is not just meat; many food products that are shipped or stored in corrugated boxes require a box liner for prevention. The same goes for trays of food items too. Some examples are raw meat, cooked meat, poultry, vegetables, fruits, ingredients, bakery items, and semi-liquids. In this post, we will discuss some important characteristics that your box liners should have.

Box liners

What are the characteristics you should look for in a box liner?

  1.   Quality Protection

The main aim of box liners is to ensure the protection of the contents of the box. An effective box liner will preserve the freshness, quality, taste, and color of the food items stored in it. It should protect the box contents from any dirt or dust particles and moisture. These factors can cause damage to raw or cooked meat and lead to meat wastage.

  1.     Food Grade (Food Safety Certified)

Beware of using box/tray liners that aren't food grade. The box liners you use for storing or shipping food must be FDA compliant. They should be certified for shipping or storing any food item – whether it is meat, poultry, or vegetables. This is an essential part of using box or tray liners for food packaging.

  1.     High Quality and Leak Proof

Quality cannot be compromised when it comes to packaging food. And so is the case with box liners. Always select a leak-proof box liner, which is tested and certified against any leak. Please don't go for cheap quality box liners because they might not give 100% protection to the box contents.

  1.     Size Options or Customizable Size

The box liners should be available in various sizes. Don’t waste a large box liner on a small package, and don't try to fit a little box-liner in a larger box. This can create a packaging hazard and also become cost-inefficient. Always order box liners that go with your standard boxes' size or order a custom box liner as per your requirement.

  1.     Space Savers

Ensure that the box liners you use don't take up massive space in your box. Usually, box liners are very lightweight and fit into the box's shape, hardly consuming any extra space. Always opt for thin yet sturdy box liners.

  1.     Color Variations

Box liners don't need to be boring. They can be colorful and attractive. Attractive/shaded box liners can be a delight for your customers to unbox. You can also choose different colored box liners for various purposes – red for meat, green for vegetables, yellow for poultry, etc.

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