Restaurant Catering Supplies

Brennan Group have over 30 years of experience in the food catering industry. We supply a broad selection of catering equipment essential for restaurants with delivery available throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland.

What Do We Supply?

We supply new and second hand kitchen equipment including food processing machinery, worktops and kitchen units and various hygiene essentials including gloves, aprons and safety boots.

Food Machinery & Equipment

We provide a selection of new and used, quality food machinery. All machinery equipment is fully tested and serviced before sales.

We provide meat mincers, grinders, burger/meatball formers and electronic weighing scales.

Kitchen Units & Worktops

We supply and deliver stainless steel kitchen units such as worktops and sinks. These products are second hand, however their durable steel structure ensures quality.

Hygiene Essentials

Hygiene is a vital element of restaurant catering; therefore, we supply various products including butchers coats, chefs aprons, head wear, hair nets, gloves and floor sweeping brushes.

Seasoning & Sauces

We supply a range of Irish sauces and seasonings to help you spice up your restaurants dishes. We also stock glazes and coatings in a variety of sizes of tubs.

Delivery Available Nationwide

All our products can be delivered to restaurants nationwide throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland.


Orders can be placed through our website or by contacting us by phone on 0719636038.