4 Preparation Essentials for your Kitchen this Christmas

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It is important to have the right set of tools when you’re preparing a lavish spread of dinner during the holidays. The right tools can really make all the difference. Of course, the quality of meat is the prime most factor – but the next important factor are the tools that you choose.

Especially when cooking for family and friends, it is important to not just prepare the best meals but also make it a fun and memorable experience for them and yourself. With Christmas just around the corner, we present a list of four most essential preparation tools for every kitchen. If you have them, you can absolutely charm your guests with the holiday feast you prepare.

4 Preparation Essentials for your Kitchen this Christmas

Here are few preparation essentials for your kitchen:

Meat Mincer

When preparing a big meal with a variety of meat preparations, you would definitely need quick processing. Different kinds of meat like beef, poultry and fish can be processed efficiently as well as quickly with a good quality meat mincer or meat grinder. A table-top meat mincer is apt for a home kitchen. You can also have a variation in the mincing of meat with a variety of mincer plates.

Steel Mixing Bowls

Steel mixing bowls are extremely essential for all the mixing, tossing and blending of the ingredients. Whether it’s tossing a salad, or seasoning the stuffing of a sausage, a good quality mixing bowl can really set the tone. A stainless-steel bowl is always preferred as steel doesn’t retain the odour and is easy to clean. A set of at least three bowls of different sizes is an essential for every kitchen.

Chopping/Cutting Board

A chopping board or cutting board that is not only durable but also easy to clean is a must have if you plan on making a delicious feast. Whether it is vegetables, meat or fruits, chopping board is a kitchen essential that comes in handy each time. Especially when preparing a large meal, a set of two cutting boards in your kitchen is a must! One for your veggies and fruits, the other for your meat.

Knife Set & Sharpener

No preparation can be done without some essential chopping of meat, veggies and fruits! It is important to have all kinds of knives for the same. A boning knife, meat cleaver and chef’s knife are some essential types of knives for your meal preparation.  A Victorinox knife set is a great choice and the preferred choice across the world.

Also, a blunt knife can not only slow you down but also might cause injury. It is equally important to keep your knives well sharpened with a good quality knife sharpener so that they can be effectively used. Sharpening can be done using a sharpening stone or knife steels.

Make sure you have the above 4 things before you start preparing your Christmas meal! If not, don’t worry. The Brennan Group has a variety of the above essentials for you to choose from. Visit the Brennan Group and place an order for your favorites right away!


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