Packaging food and sundries this Christmas – Are you prepared?

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The holiday season is here and butchers’ shops across the UK expect huge quantity of orders around this time. While some customers drop in and choose their meat themselves, many others prefer getting it delivered, especially shop owner and small businesses. While you and your staff might be ready to tackle the spike in customers. Are you ready to handle the bulk quantity packaging?

Packaging large quantities of food can be quite cumbersome. Especially when it comes to meat, it is important to be doubly sure. Food is never safe if packed directly into cardboard boxes. This makes it essential to use food grade box liners to pack food products like raw meat, cooked meat, fish, poultry, bakery products, fruits, vegetables, frozen food and many others.

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Let’s have a detailed look into why you should opt for food grade box liners for your packaging needs.  

Benefits of using box and tray liners

  • Reduces Polythene Waste

Standard liners are not specifically designed for packaging food products. But if high quality polythene food grade liners are used, they can reduce waste. This is because they are designed in a way that works best for the customer’s application. Best used to package food, especially meat.

  • Reduces Packaging Cost

The box liners are not extremely thick. Their thickness is enough to protect the contents of the package but also ensure that maximum space is available to package.

  • Ensures best protection

Any foreign body contamination leads to food loss, especially when it comes to meat. Using these effective box liners can prevent foreign body contamination to a great extent. The box liners at the Brennan Group are BRC certified for direct food contact. They are manufactured using the latest technologies that give them the maximum strength and durability.

  • Customization available

Box liners with customizable size, thickness and quantity suited according to your requirement can be made to order. You don’t have to settle for the standard sizes – choose the one that you feel is best for you. You can also use them the way you wish.

  • Easy to use

When it comes to using these gusseted liners – it’s no rocket science. Any person can handle the packaging if they are using these box liners. They can use these liners across the contents of the box like a cover or can fold it as per the box shape to fill it up with the contents of the box.

  • Cost Effective

Using food grade box liners can be a cost-effective solution to your packaging requirements. Ordering in bulk quantities further reduces the total cost. Also, these food grade liners are recyclable and can be reused as required.


The Brennan Group’s box and tray liners  can be used to package any kind or quantity of food. It will not only be cost effective but also the perfect fit for a variety of boxes or tray sizes. Other than that, you can also shop for every kind of butcher equipment with the Brennan Group.


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