Choose the Right Knife Set – for your Butchering Needs

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Very soon we are embarking upon a new year, and its only natural for you to take stock of the butchering equipment in your shop. At the Brennan Group, we aim to provide all kinds of butchers and households a wide variety of butcher knives, meat mincers, sharpeners and everything they might need in their kitchen.

Butcher Knives

Purchasing a single knife, as per requirement often turns out to be a costly and time-consuming affair. It is always a good idea to invest in a knife set, according to the requirement.

In this post we will throw light on a few knives sets which can be brought as per usage.

The Starter Pack

This starter knife set is meant for everyone who has just taken up butchering or wants to learn the art of butchering. It is also suitable for an amateur chef or a junior butcher who works at your butcher shop. This starter pack of knives can also serve as the best Christmas present for anyone who is looking to hone their butchering skills.

The main components of the starter pack are the following 4 things, in addition to any other items you may wish to add.

  1. A boning Knife
  2. Sticking Knife
  3. Butchers’ knife
  4. A sharpening steel

Why choose the starter pack?

  • Perfect for novices
  •  An economical choice
  •  Inclusive of all the essential knives
  •  Best for small households

The Expert Pack

Professional butchers require a wide variety of options in order to be prepared for any kind of scenario. They need to consistently work in a fast-paced and demand-driven environment. The expert pack consists of all the tools of the starter pack in addition to a few variants.

  1. A boning knife
  2.             Semi Flexi Curved
  3.           Flexi Curved
  4. Sticking Knife
  5. Butchers Knife
  6. Meat Cleaver
  7. Steak Knife
  8. Sharpening Steel
  9. Hand Saws

Why choose the Expert Pack?

  • A handy collection of all the knives for pro butchers
  • A must-have if you own a butcher shop or meat business
  • Best collection for households who cook meat often

The Ultimate Pack

This pack consists of almost every tool that a butcher could possibly need. Right from cutting meat, slicing vegetables or even preparing an entire dish – this pack comes in handy for all purposes. An Ultimate pack consists of approximately 10 pieces of butchering equipment.  It also includes several accessories for safe storage and maintenance of all your butchering essentials.

  1. A boning knife
  2. Semi Flexi Curved
  3. Flexi Curved
  4. Sticking Knife
  5. Butchers Knife
  6. Meat Cleaver
  7. Steak Knife
  8. Sharpening Steel
  9. Stainless Steel Hand Saw & Blades
  10. Sharpening Stone
  11. Knife Wallet/ Cover

Why choose the Ultimate Pack?

  • The best wholesome collection for every PRO butcher
  • Best investment for long term usage.
  • Consists of every butchering tool one would require
I am sure that by now you must have made up your mind about which pack is the most suitable for your requirement. If you wish to purchase any of these elaborate packs, head straight to the Brennan Group and order as per your requirement, at cost efficient rates and a wide choice in each type.


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