The Importance of Seasoning

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An important aspect of cooking is seasoning your dish well. And what could be a better seasoning than a mix of salt and pepper?  Take for example, the taste of a raw tomato. And now think of a tomato laced with a mixture of salt and pepper. The difference is quite evident!

But does the mixture of salt and pepper always work for all dishes? No. It depends completely on your dish. Adding both or even one to any and every dish will not make it ‘perfect’.  An essential fact that most of us forget is that, ingredients are only meant to enhance the taste of your dish and not alter its flavor.


Each dish is unique and combines well with different seasonings. Let’s have a look at some very common dishes that require seasonings:

  1. Sausages & Burgers – Any kind of sausage – pork or beef can be made extra-yummy by adding a sausage seasoning which consists of pepper. The right poultry burger seasoning is the secret to add that magical taste to your burgers.
  1. Beef – If you are a beef lover, don’t compromise on its taste. Sprinkle some spicy beef seasoning. The perfect beef seasoning would consist of a mixture of thyme, different types of pepper, basil and garlic powder. 
  1. Pasta/Pizza – Italian food can be a bit bland without adding the relevant seasonings. Use the right mixed herb seasoning which has a combination of dried mixed herbs and oregano in it.
  1. Tacos – Taco wouldn’t be half as great without a spicy seasoning added to it. Sprinkle the best taco seasoning that has a mixture of spicy red paprika, salt, chilli powder, oregano and garlic powder.
  1. White and Black Pudding – Use very specific pudding seasonings when cooking a black pudding or a white pudding. The same seasoning cannot be used in both as they have very different tastes.

Some tips to add the right seasonings the right way to your food:

  1.     Season the entire surface area.

Seasoning or adding ingredients will not have its effect if spread unevenly. Make sure your hand is at least one foot away from the food item you are trying to season. This way you will cover the entire surface area of the food item.

  1.     Season both the sides

Don’t forget to season your food on both the sides. And don’t be stingy when seasoning. Spread it on both sides generously to elevate its taste.

  1.     Don’t rub, always sprinkle

Don’t do the mistake of rubbing the seasoning on the food. This can ruin the taste of your dish. Don’t rub the seasoning on the food surface. Always sprinkle it with a light touch.

  1.     Taste, Repeat, Taste, Repeat

It is important to taste the food item after seasoning it. Repeat this process until you get the perfect taste with your desired ingredients. This process will also help you season adequately and not over-season your food. A superiorly dominating taste of the seasoning can ruin the taste of your dish altogether.

Give the best finishing touch to your dish with a vast range of seasonings as per your preference. Always season everything and season them well. There are a variety of ingredients available to add an exotic taste to your dishes.Visit the Brennan Group for every kind of seasoning and ingredients under the sun for all kinds of dishes.


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