A Guide to Protective Clothing for the Food & Hospitality Industry

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There is always a dress code for every workplace, and the kitchen, diner, or even your local butcher's shop is no different. The importance of protective clothing for people working in the food industry cannot be stressed enough.

Why is protective clothing crucial for the food industry?

Kitchens, diners, and butcher's shops are busy places.  Filled with hot stoves, ovens, sharp knives, slippery floors, and possibly an open fire, they can cause an injury, burns, or cuts to the working staff. The protective clothing protects the one who wears it. It also upgrades the sanitation measures observed for the food and saves it from possible contamination.

A Guide to Protective Clothing for the Food & Hospitality Industry

Some questions you need to address when purchasing protective clothing for your staff are:

  1.     Does the piece offer enough protection to your staff?
  2.     Does it obstruct them in their routine work? If yes, can it be fixed?
  3.     What kind of hazards are most likely to occur at the workplace, and will the protective gear help address all of them?
  4.     Will there be a training session required to get your staff acquainted and accustomed to the protective gear?
  5.     How often will you have to replace it, and is it available in all sizes as required by your workers?

List of Protective Gear

  •         Hair Nets

Keeping the hair strands away from the food can be pretty easy with the appropriate usage of hairnets. It is a must-have, especially for all those who work in the kitchen.

  •         Disposable Gloves

They are non-negotiable. Every worker must have their own set of disposable gloves to avoid any contamination to the food. Also, they serve as an obstruction to hot vessels and skin irritants like chili powder which can cause allergies or rashes.

  •         Safety Shoes

The safety shoes are built in a way that they can protect your workers from slippage and penetration of any hot oils or chemicals accidentally spilled on the floors.

  •         Safety Jackets

It is highly likely to induce gigantic injuries from burns by a spill or a piece of hot equipment in the kitchen. The double-breasted jackets on the cooking staff ensures protection against such incidents. Their long sleeves further protect the wearer from the heat that is consistently circulating in the kitchen.

  •         Aprons

Spilling hot liquids, food, or dropping any equipment happens often in a kitchen. Aprons provide a layer of protection against these incidents and also provide a professional appearance.

  •         Oven mitts/gloves

Oven gloves are crucial as the oven trays and the ovenware gets extremely hot once it is heated. Proper gloves protect your staff from accidentally burning their hands when removing or placing the dishes for a re-heat.

  •         Other protection

Eye protection, face maskssanitizers, clean towels, rubber gloves, waterproof aprons, and many others can help further enhance your staff's protection levels and create a hygienic environment at your butcher's shop.

Following the above list will make sure your staff is well-protected when working for your shop/diner. Also, proper training, workshops, and replacement of protective gear are essential at intervals. You can buy all of the above items from the Brennan Group's website at attractive rates. 


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