5 Tips to Save Money When Buying Meat

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You don't have to compromise on the meat's quality anymore, even if you are looking for more affordable options.

5 Tips to Save Money When Buying Meat

Check out these five tips to purchase the best meat on a budget:

1. The Balanced Diet – Less Meat, More Vegetables

It can be crucial to shift from the significant format of single-portion cuts like the thick-cut chops and steaks. Consider a portion size of not more than 4 to 6 ounces.  It would be beneficial to share them with other people or purchase the cuts that serve several individual portions.

The space on your plate can be filled with vegetables. You can cook them with healthy fats like coconut oil or olive oil. The vegetables will not only satiate your hunger but also provide you with the best nutrition.

2. Purchase whole animals as much as you can

When you purchase a whole animal instead of cuts, you can save a lot of money because of its direct connection to the farmer. It helps cut off the significant overhead and costs of mediators, thus contributing the maximum amount to the farmers.

Poultry and smaller animals can be purchased whole as they can be easily butchered at home. As for larger animals like cattle, sheep, and pigs, they can be purchased as a whole, half, or even quarter carcasses.

3. Work on braising and roasting the cuts

It is a fact that the most flavorful cuts are the ones that have worked the hardest during their lifetime. These cuts require a slow and lengthy cooking time to taste the best. Some examples of these cuts are shanks, hocks, brisket, breasts, and drumsticks.

They take a long time to cook because these cuts break down when cooked. They ooze a buttery sauce that adds essential nutrients and taste to your dish. And just because these cuts aren't quick-cooking or grilling cuts, the cost required to braise and roast them is often much less than other single-portion cuts like steaks or chops.

4. Opt for older animals or dual-purpose animals

Many people avoid purchasing older animals because of their supposedly inferior texture and ganney flavor. But if the older animals are provided a proper husbandry and sustainable conditions, they can become a better product than their younger counterparts, that too, at a more affordable cost.  This also applies to dual-purpose animals – the livestock raised for other reasons than meat, dairy, etc.

5. Trust your butcher and ask them for tips.

If you wish to have the best advice about meat and their best cuts for your recipes, talking to your butcher will be the right choice. You can always ask them for cheaper alternatives and guidance on preparing them in the best way possible.

Following these tips will surely help you get the cost down of the meat purchases you make. Suppose you want to optimize meat costs further. In that case, you need to utilize the best butchering tools and machinery to process the meat. These tools are safe for food processing and reduce wastage, thus reducing the cost.

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