6 Quick Tips to Grill Meat

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There’s never a bad time to grill meat! Especially when you love grilling. If you love eating grilled meat, this post is for you. Many people are fond of grilling, but not everyone can come up with the best-grilled meat. There are a few things that can help your grilling become more effective! 

In this blog, we will talk about a few tips you can follow for grilling your meat.

6 Quick Tips to Grill Meat

  1. Be open to trying something new

A butcher is the best person to go for a bit of advice about meat cuts. There are plenty of beef cuts that are perfect for grilling, but they aren’t known to many. So if you let the butcher know the type of recipe you are looking to cook, he can help you find just the perfect cut at the best price! Trying out different cuts of meat and different types of meat can be an experience for your senses and give you brand new favorites. 

  1. Clean and oil your grill regularly

This is an essential step that is to be followed irrespective of what you are grilling. Always start with clean grill grates. This is important so that the grilled meat easily comes out of the grill, and no taste of leftover meat from the previous grilling is added to your fresh meat. 

Also, oiling the grill grates with any neutral-flavored oil like canola oil can help. Put a bit of oil on paper towels and rub onto the cold grill grates for effect. 

  1. Marinade 

If you are not marinating the meat well before grilling, you are missing out. A good marinade can work on almost any kind of meat and any cut of meat. You can buy from a different variety of marinades at the Brennan Group. You can also put together a homemade marinade depending on the ingredients you have at hand.

  1. Dry your steak well

When you want to achieve a great sear on your non-marinated steak, it is crucial to dry them well. You can use paper towels to dry the steaks thoroughly. Another way of doing this is by salting them and rest them uncovered in the fridge for a night. This way, the moisture gets absorbed by salt or evaporates and gives you dry steaks to grill. 

  1. Pre-heating is exceptionally crucial

Make sure you are heating the grill or cast-iron skillet well before placing the meat on it. You must be patient before you sear the meat. If you hurry, you might ruin the entire beef by using a pan that is not hot enough. 

  1. Do not over-flip the steak

If you keep flipping the steak, it will end up raw. It is essential to let the steaks sear well before flipping. When the steak is naturally releasing from the grill or skillet’s surface, you can say that you have achieved the perfect sear. Flip the steak once or twice to cook it well. 

These were our quick tips that can help you grill your meat well. In addition to grilling, if you are fond of meat and cook it regularly, you can always purchase meat processing equipment from the Brennan Group.


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