Butchers vs. Supermarkets – Where to buy meat from?

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Are you confused about where to buy meat from? Whether the meat is better at a butcher's shop or a supermarket is a common question in almost every person's mind. 

Worry not, as in this blog post, and we analyze both - the meat sold at the butcher's shop and the supermarkets based on three main factors. The quality, cost, and the customer service provided.

Let's have a look:

Butchers vs. Supermarkets – Where to buy meat from?

Quality of the Meat

The source of the meat at a butcher's shop is local farms. The meat found in the supermarket is generally processed in a factory setup and lies on the market shelf until someone buys it or it ages beyond the expiry date. This makes the journey of meat to your plate long and is not considered sustainable. 

The level of freshness of meat you find at the butcher's shop is incomparable. The butcher usually prepares your cut while you wait at the counter or, at best – early morning the same day. This kind of customization and freshness cannot be found at supermarkets. 

Cost of the Meat

The cost can be considered slightly on the higher side at a butcher's shop compared to the supermarket. However, there are several reasons for it. 

1. Better Quality
2. Freshness
3. Custom Cuts of meat
4. Sustainable Practices

    At a supermarket, you're purchasing meat that is not as fresh, not custom cut, and is a result of automated factory processing. Thus, you are buying precisely what everyone else is, and no better. When you buy from a butcher's shop, you are supporting local businesses and also have the opportunity to get your choice of meat – in the cut you desire!

    Butchers vs. Supermarkets – Where to buy meat from?

    Customer Service

    Where do most conversations regarding meat take place? At a butcher's shop. Butchers are experts in dealing with different types of people with varying preferences for meat.

    They offer personalized and experience-based tips, tricks, and recipes to all their customers.

    If you ask them for a cheaper alternative to a particular cut, they will be able to suggest the best alternative. Some of the butcher businesses have been in the business all of their lives and some even for generations. So, when you go to a butcher's shop, you're not just buying meat. You're learning too. When you open up to a butcher and ask them the right questions, you might see them as a meat encyclopedia!

    At the Brennan Group, we believe in supporting local butchers and believe in their passion for food. However, where you buy from is your choice. Many people make the decision based on their convenience. But if you think about it, even while you're spending a pound or two more at a Butcher's shop, you are landing fresh, good quality meat along with the expert tips of a butcher.

    Where you buy meat from is definitely something to think about, but it is also vital to process the meat properly. The Brennan Group provides a range of tools, accessories, and machinery that you can use to process meat faster and better!


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