4 Tips to Maintain your Fridge

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Fridge is an essential appliance used all over the world. Be it a home kitchen, or butcher’s kitchen, a fridge is used largely to store several types of food items.

Most of the times we tend to over keep food items in our fridge, which actually need to be thrown away. This clutters the fridge and leaves no space for fresh food items like vegetables and fruits. I It can lead to a mammoth wastage of food and cause a dent in your pocket.

If you like your fridge sorted and organized, but are clueless how to do so, read this post to find out more.


1. Maintain the Fridge Temperature

A recommended fridge temperature of 5 degrees C is advised. There are thermometers available at reasonable price which can help you determine the temperature. A report suggests that keeping the fridge cool at 5 degrees C or below can prevent germs from growing and multiplying.

2. Ensure Food is stored at the right temperature

It is also recommended that you do not store warm or hot food items directly into the fridge. The sudden change in temperature can cause the food to stale. It is necessary to let the food cool down before you store it in the fridge.


3. Keep your fridge clean

Some people use their fridge to store everything in their kitchen. Your fridge is not a dump yard. It should be clean and not overfilled. This allows the air inside the fridge to circulate and not be trapped at one place. If the cool air is trapped in one slot of your fridge, the food items in other slots are most likely to go stale.

Process to Clean

·         Mix warm water and two spoons of baking soda to make a solution for cleaning. Damp a cloth with this solution. Use this to clean the interiors of the fridge.

·         Clean it up with another wet cloth

·         Use a dry towel to wipe the fridge.

·         Avoid using any soap or detergent, as they might leave behind a residue or scent, which can contaminate your food.


4. Do not store expired food products

Storing products post their “use-by’ dates not only clutters your fridge, but also keeps fresh items out of your reach. Consuming expired meat products, smoked fish and ready-prepared salads can cause a potential health hazard. It is always better to throw the foods which are past their ‘use-by’ dates.


Now that you know how to maintain your fridge, let’s talk about how to segregate your food products in the fridge.


Meat products

Storing meat properly is important to avoid contamination by harmful bacteria. The cooked meat and the raw meat should be stored at different places in the fridge.

Raw meat and poultry should be stored in clean and air tight containers. They should be properly wrapped. It is advisable to store raw meat containers in the bottom most shelf of the fridge. This in case, there is a leakage of meat juices from the raw meat, will not contaminate other food products.


Fruits and Vegetables

All the fruits and vegetables need not be stored in the refrigerator. Fruits like bananas and pineapples are better preserved outside the fridge. Similarly, vegetables like onions and potatoes need to be stored in a warm and dry place. Fresh fruits and vegetables should be kept in the fridge with their original packing, as it helps them sustain longer than in a fruit bowl. If you are storing a half-eaten orange or any other citrus fruit, make sure you wrap it in a cling film before putting it in the fridge.



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