Three Knives: You Must Have

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There are a plenty of varieties when it comes to knives. How do you separate the essential ones from the additional ones?  Most butchers have a huge set of knives with blades ranging from 2” to 10”.  But if you are looking to have only some important knives in your kitchen, read this post to know more.

There are 3 main types of knives crucial for every kitchen: Chef’s knife, Paring Knife and Serrated knife. All other types of knives can make your cooking easier and fun too, but these three form the essence of every kitchen.

Let’s have a look:

Chef’s Knife

This knife is also known as ‘cook’s knife’. It is primarily required for chopping. It is the most important knife in a kitchen. It has a wide blade as long as 7 to 10 inches. It works as an all-purpose knife which can be used for chopping, mincing, slicing and every regular task in the kitchen. Santoku knife (Japanese style knife) can be used as the chef’s knife, it is made in a way that the top of its tip curves downwards. It has a broad blade and a sturdy grip.

Paring Knife

It is a smaller version of the Chef’s knife. It has a relatively smaller blade ranging between two to four inches.  A paring knife is perfect for fine chopping and slicing, which a larger knife wouldn’t be able to do effectively. Use this knife for peeling onions, tomatoes and other vegetables you like finely chopped. It cuts them finely and cleanly, perfect to garnish over your main course or salad.  

Serrated Knife

A Serrated knife is mostly used to evenly cut through bread loaf. You can cut your bread (especially a hard loaf) quite easily with a serrated knife, in any shape you like.  Serrated knives are best used on food items which have one texture on the outside and another on the inside like a tomato, which is hard on the outside but soft and juicy on the inside. The amount of sawing required is reduced if you choose a serrated knife with a long blade. It can be used to evenly cut fruits and meat too.


So if you don’t have these 3 essential knives in your kitchen yet, you can order them instantly over here. Besides these three recommended knives, you can also consider buying some additional knives to help you in the kitchen. A boning knife comes in handy to separate the raw meat from the bones. A meat cleaver with a huge blade is useful when dealing with a lot of meat as it can easily cut through the bones.  A long and flexible slicing knife is good to cut cooked meat, fish as well as poultry. If you are looking to buy any of these knives for a hassle free cutting routine in your kitchen, you can order them with us. You can choose from a wide variety of knives with flexible and distinct blades. 




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