Five Great Burger Recipes

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We are all guilty on the way to or from work to hit the road, or even to fulfill a craving for a delicious looking fat juicy burger. This being said, it can be very disappointing to eat a Withered lettuce, soggy onions, strange onion taste, and squished buns. Instead of suffering from these, you can cook your own burgers at the comfort of your home, with a variation of interesting burger seasoning and flavors.  

Greek Lamb Burgers


These Greek Lamb Burgers are nicely Grilled. They 're juicy and flavourful, served with tzatziki sauce, onions, cucumbers and feta cheese on a toasted bun. The recipe is pretty simple, first you java to use a butcher mincer to thin 2 lamb fillets and mix with roughly sliced onion, parsley, crushed garlic, a dash of salt and 1 teaspoon of olive oil into a bowl. Knead the ingredients together and knead into single burgers. Barbecue each side for about 5 minutes, or until all cooked, plate it and you’re done.


Black Bean Burger


This vegetarian burger choice is full of spices and flavours, if not a black bean burger would simply be a patty made from beans. A great start is the sautéed garlic, onion, + pepper combination, but a little cumin, worcestershire sauce, smoked paprika, feta cheese, and chili pepper. Knead the mixture until bonded to perfection. Pat the mixture at each side for 5 minutes into individual burgers and barbecue, then serve with a drizzle of yoghurt.

Guacamole Turkey Burger


These turkey burgers are full of flavor to take the taste over the edge with a tasty chunky guacamole: the ideal easy burger dish. Slice up streaky bacon and chillies and mix with a wedge of lime into guacamole. It will be used to top the turkey burger consisting of sweet turkey breast, chili pepper, red pepper flakes and garlic powder or salt.

Brisket Burger


Who doesn’t enjoy an easy, flavourful patty from a  cheap beef brisket grinded from a satisfying meat/beef grinder. Use a butcher knife to precisely cut the beef into smaller pieces. To help bind the burger and blend with finely chopped onions and pickles, spread thick sticky BBQ sauce all over the chunks. You can even add traditional condiments such as ketchup and mustard with  cheese, lettuce, or tomato. 

Chicken and Herb Burger


These grilled chicken burgers are a safer option for the guilty calories you’re thinking about. Use a butcher mincer for the Ground chicken  combined with carrot, green onion, garlic and herbs to make delicious patties that will certainly satisfy even ground beef burger purists. You can form your ground chicken with a hand burger press so it will not be soggy and soft. Shape the blend into burgers and barbecue on either side until the chicken has no pink remains. It is best served on mustard with Dijon.

These incredible burger recipes offer a unique twist to the classic and normal burgers,  so you will never have to settle for a lesser flavor and you can satisfy your burger needs.



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