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You are delighted when you obtain a good and nice knife,who wouldn't be? After all this is a new tool that you can both show off and use for your carefree cooking. After a few times using your knife, a realization will suddenly hit you, in your mind you know that your knife will not remain sharp forever. Together with a knife sharpener, you will be unstoppable in your kitchen.

However, by providing a constant degree of sharpness of the butcher knife, the performance of the cuts will decline, and unfavorably receive your cuts with less quality. Ensuring a high level of cuts is key to maintaining customer loyalty, so it's vital to take care of your knife steel sharpeners.

Use it properly with a knife the sharpener was intended to

Steel Sharpeners are specifically designed for the sharpening of knives' steel blades, it’s just the way it is and used. Sharpening  knives that are made up of different materials, will result in the sharpener to reduce its usefulness that  might affect your sharpening process in the future use. It’s highly recommended to avoid sharpening your knife made up of stone, plastic or wood.


Don’t over use the sharpener, and use it properly

Knife steel sharpeners can only hold up enough friction to maintain its usefulness and durability.

Sharpen your steel knife smoothly while making sure that you are not hurting your sharpener. Make sure that your steel knife sharpeners are resistant to friction and its surface hardness are also taken care of.  


Thoroughly clean the sharpener after use

After each use, you have to always tidy up your steel sharpeners, much as you would to your butcher knives. Steel sharpeners are also suffering from food debris and mold, this leaves food particles on steel sharpeners that could result in deterioration of the steel and reducing its usefulness afterwards. After use always clean the steel sharpener and dry thoroughly with anti - microbial solvent and warm water. 


Keep it dry as much as possible

Knife steel sharpeners are obviously steel, putting it in water for a long time might result in the sharpener to rust, weakening its durability and reducing its cutting quality. After cleaning your steel knife sharpener, get a dry cloth and carefully pat the wet area until it is dry enough to be stored. Letting it wet might also result to mould build up.


Store your steel knife sharpeners safely

Storing your steel knife sharpener correctly and safely will protect it to the adverse conditions of outside temperature, the suitable storing temperature of steel knives must be cool and dry, in which the sharpener is not subjected to severe natural conditions. Storing your steel knife sharpeners will also prohibit unnecessary people, especially your children, from reaching it and might cause harm when it is unattended. 


A critical part of a butcher's equipment is the steel sharpener. It is as important as your knife, keeping it in a good condition means enabling a seamless cutting to your meat. So make sure to follow our advice in caring for your knife steel sharpeners correctly and ensure to slice a quality meat product. 



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