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A lot of people around the world enjoy eating meat. It's good, tasty and is easy to get. Cutting edible chunks of big meat, however, is not as easy as we think it might be. For cutting a large piece of meat into small chunks, the meat shops use different types of saws and instruments. Skilled meat shop owners know that if they use standard equipment, it would not be possible to cook small meat chunks on a wide scale. We need a meat band saw and its blade, which can split large pieces of meat into small chunks of meat. 


Bandsaw meat cutting blades are specifically designed to be used on butchers Meat band saws in meat processing industries and butchers shops. Whatever the type of meat you are trying to cut using a band saw, it’s important to select the most durable and suitable for your needs.


Bandsaw blades are usually available in widths of 5/8 "and 3 to 4 teeth per inch. But other sizes can also be manufactured depending on your needs for meat cutting.


Specifically, a Butcher band saw blades are designed for bone and frozen meat block cutting applications to provide fast, clean, precise cutting and higher yields. Another type of band saw is the Scalloped Edge band saw blades where it is designed to slice flawlessly and swiftly the boneless cuts with very little to no waste.


Our specially designed meat cutting butcher band saw blades help reduce costs by providing fast and clean cuts. These blades are produced from a special high carbon steel and the teeth are sharpened precisely making this blade the ideal choice for cutting needs for bone in, boneless or frozen meat and fish block. With precision and utmost quality.


Speaking of quality, our butcher band saw blades are of the highest quality brand, and we are ensuring efficiency and maximum durability as  they can cut quickly with minimum wastage from all forms of meat and fish.


The unique and original mechanism for grinding gives you:

  1. Sharp and strong blades
  2. Optimum downtime and preparation time
  3. Efficient cut mechanism with lesser wastes 
  4. A clean and slick cut
  5. Long life span of the blade 


Selecting the meat band saw blades will depend on where you'll be using it. Suppose you are planning to open a meat store, then you'll need a more durable and efficient butcher band saw blades. If you're going to use the meat saw at home then the alternative will be less sophisticated and complicated. So, consider every detail you can collect before investing your bucks in meat sawing, specifically on butchers bandsaw blades. You should of course buy the right blade for your  machine that will make all your jobs easier. And we might have the perfect butcher's bandsaw blades for you, our blades are covered individually to avoid corrosion and any defect, so rest assured that we strive for your convenience and efficient meat or fish cutting with our bandsaw blades.



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