5 Things to Consider for Choosing the Right Mincer

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Meat mincer or a meat grinder is an appliance used for fine chopping meat. It is an essential item in a commercial butcher shop. A butcher needs to give in a lot of thought before buying a high-quality mincer for his daily needs. He has to consider factors like the size of the mincer, its weight, its efficiency, power consumption, cost, and noise levels. 

This article highlights some of the key aspects a butcher needs to consider before buying a suitable mincer.

1. Size of the mincer

Size is an important factor when buying a mincer. Buying a large mincer has its own benefits like high power and high capacity (bigger feeding tube). But it has limitations like taking up a lot of storage and platform space. Industrial standard sizes are 22 and 32, although mincers are available in smaller as well as bigger sizes too. They can be table top or floor mounted as well.

2. Power

A meat mincer’s efficiency largely depends on its power. It should have a wattage output of above 400 W. Although 800W is considered ideal for an effective mincer. The size and number of mincing plates along with the mincer also play an important role along with the pounds per minute or ppm of the mincer.

3. Amount of meat

To mince your meat, you first assemble the mincer with the plate you desire. Butchers often have a wide variety of mincing plates to suit their diverse requirements. After setting up, you feed the meat into the feeding tube and process it. If you want to mince a large amount of meat, it is important that you use a big mincer which is suitable for heavy use. Its large feeding tube will allow you to put more meat for processing at one time.

4. Type of meat

The type of meat you want to mince can make a lot of difference in your buying decision. Some meats like elk, wild boar, and venison can be very tough to mince as compared to beef, pork, and chicken. Since a butcher has to deal with a diverse variety of meat mincing, it is essential to buy a powerful meat mincer. A powerful mincer will not only work well with gristle, fat, and muscles but also support mincing large quantities of meat on a regular basis.

5. Cost

This is undoubtedly one of the most important factors to consider. It totally depends on your budget. If you are buying a meat mincer for home use, you need to buy a modest mincer. If you are buying it for commercial use, you need to buy a big mincer. It is better to look at it as an investment rather than an expenditure. Processing services can be a regular expenditure but with an economical meat mincer, you can save that money! A good quality mincer will last you many years if not decades. 

A mincer which has good power with maximum efficiency can be selected based on the above factors. Its construction, power, and accessories can help you select a mincer with a quiet operation that can handle all kinds of meat.



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