3 Things to Know When you Are Purchasing Mince

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Mince is one of the best-selling items at a butcher's shop as it forms a crucial part of most families' weekly meal plan. This is because it is simple to cook and can be used in a variety of dishes. It serves as an ideal base for dishes like spaghetti, burgers, and many others. You can use mince to create different types of meals at a dinner party as well.

But buying mince is not that simple. There are a number of things you know before you purchase mince.


Here are some of them:

  1. Read the Label before you purchase

Always read the label when choosing the mince to understand what kind of mince it is. Mince labels must include information such as type of meat, its fat content, and if any organ or binders are used. Beef, pork, chicken, and lamb are generally available in mince at any butcher's shop or even supermarkets.

  1. Color is not an indicator of freshness

Many people think that the color of a mince denotes its freshness and purchase only vibrant red mince. However, it can be said that brown-colored mince does not necessarily indicate that it is old or unsafe to consume. It depends entirely on when the meat is exposed to oxygen and changes the color from bright red to brown. But if the mince is preserved well in the refrigerator, it can be consumed as per the usage date because it is definitely healthy.

  1. Check the fat content

The label contains information about how much fat the mince consists of. Mince pieces can hold about 20% fat. When it has fat content below 10%, it is considered low in fat.

Even the number of white specks in the mince is an indicator of how much fat the substance produces.

Many a time, beef mince is categorized as per the fat content like

  • Low Fat
  • Lean
  • Premium
  • Extra Lean

Once you purchase the perfect mince, you need to brown it nicely, as many recipes require mince to be browned off. There are several ways in which mince can be browned. 

One such procedure is given below: 

  • Take a saucepan and pre-heat it in medium to high flame
  • Put a teaspoon of oil in the saucepan
  • Add mince to the saucepan.
  • Break the mince when cooking to avoid overcrowding 
  • Stir the mince for up to ten minutes or until it browns off.
  • If a liquid is formed in the saucepan during the process, strain the liquid out.
  • This will prevent the mince from boiling. 
  • Hold it on the run. 
While you're at it, ensure you have the best kitchen essentials to help you prepare the best meat dishes. Even if you don't wish to purchase minced meat, you can create your own mince mix with a meat mincer at home. For any butchering essentials for home or commercial use, you can shop at the Brennan Group.


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