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What's a good dish without some delectable and drool-worthy sauce added to it? Use it as a dip or as gravy; sauces come in handy when you need to make your routine dishes delightfully enjoyable!

At Brennan Group, we present to you four different varieties of sauces from BJ sauces that can be added to your dishes highlighting meat or vegetables to make them exciting and irresistible!

Classic Cracked Bell Pepper Sauce 

Cracked Black Pepper Sauce

When you need a sauce characterized by a strong flavor, always opt for the cracked bell pepper sauce. The richness of cracked bell pepper, along with its thick texture, makes your steak, lamb, pork, and chicken drool-worthy and irresistible. This sauce can also serve as the apt complement to your juicy steak dinner or your favorite roast dinner.

Chinese Curry Sauce

Chinese Curry Sauce

Are you a fan of oriental cuisine? Well, don't worry, as the special Chinese Curry Sauce brings the oriental flavor right in your kitchen. You can use this sauce while cooking chicken, meat, turkey, fish, vegetables, and pork. Use it as a curry base or a pour-over sauce. This sauce is sure to take the yumminess of your dish several notches higher. What's more, is that this sauce can be used by vegetarians too.

Chinese Brown Gravy

Chinese Brown Gravy

This gravy perfectly symbolizes the 'East meets West. It's almost like gravy met soya sauce. This sauce serves as a delectable combination of garlic, onion, and soya sauce in a thick gravy. You can have it with chips, peas and fried onions. It will also taste magnificent with roast beef or chicken dinner.

Southern Fried Chicken Gravy

Southern Fried Chicken Gravy

Let's face it. The craving for chicken gravy can get uncontrollable at times. This is where the Southern Fried Chicken Gravy sauce can help you. This sauce goes well with chicken goujons, chips, coleslaw. You can use it as a base gravy for your curries, or you can use it as a dip. The choice is yours!

There are two ways in which you can prepare the sauces from the super-concentrated packets.

1. Microwave Method

Use one part of the semi-solid sauce and five parts hot water in a microwaveable container carefully. Whisk the mixture till no lumps are remaining and the sauce and water blend. Now microwave it for 1.5 minutes. Stir the mixture and then microwave it again for 1.5 minutes. Voila! Your delicious sauce is ready to eat!

2. Pan Method

Put one part of the semi-solid sauce and five parts of hot water into a deep pan. Whisk till both the ingredients combine, and there are no lumps. Put the gas on heat and simmer the mixture for about 3 minutes. It would reach a thick consistency, and now, your sauce is ready to have!

Still, wondering whether you should buy these sauces?

  • More Value

With five times the original volume, these sauces will last you months!

  • Easy to Make

These sauces are frozen and super concentrated. However, they can be diluted using a straightforward process. You can make them as you need.

  • Variations

It's cliché to use ketchup for every dish under the sun. Now serve your dishes with a variety of different sauces to bring out their peculiar taste and combination!


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