7 Tips for Cooking Mouth-Water BBQ Burgers

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If you are fond of burgers and wish to treat your friends and family to some mouth-watering BBQ, this post is for you!

7 Tips for Cooking Mouth-Water BBQ Burgers

Here are some tips that can make your BBQ burgers more delicious:

  • Choose the meat cut well

Cheaper beef cuts work much better in burgers, as they tend to give out maximum flavor. If you cook your burgers with the wrong cuts of meat, you’re wasting precious money! The most preferred cuts for burgers are chuck or flank steak. This is because these cuts have myoglobin in them, which gives the beef more color and flavor.

You can also use cuts like rump or ribeye, provided you can play with the fat-to-meat ratio and make it enjoyable.

  • Age of the Meat

Dry-aged meat is the best kind, but you need to be cautious when you use it in burgers. If the aged layer resting outside the beef isn’t removed well, and it mixes with the burger, it will completely ruin the taste.  This is because as beef is dry-aged, it tends to lose a lot of moisture.

  • The grind of the meat

The burger’s texture comes from the grind definitely. When it comes to chuck or brisket, it is best when the meat is minced through a medium plate twice. And this generally applies to most kinds of meat.

  • The fat content

Obviously, nobody wants too much fat in their meals. But rest assured, fat can actually add a lot of juicy flavor to it when it comes to burgers. This is also the reason why the beef-to-fat ratio in your minced grind plays an important role. The ratio that you must opt for should be around 80/20 or 70/30 preferably.

  • Seasoning 

The taste of your burger can undoubtedly be alleviated using the right seasoning. You can try a variety of seasonings depending on your preference and the meat you are using. Some amazing mixes that can add a unique taste to your burger are always welcome.

It is essential to disperse the seasoning generously throughout the meat to make it tastier. Using a burger mix for your burgers is the best choice.

  • Making Patty

A burger press comes in handy when you are looking to make your patties. Remember to be gentle when shaping meat. Divide the meaty mixture into equal portions and form round balls of the mix. Slowly flatten them till they are about 2 cm thick.  Burgers can puff up from the middle when you BBQ them. To avoid this –make a shallow dimple indentation with your finger in the middle of each patty.

  • Cooking

Always pre-heat the grill because if you put burgers on a cold grill, they will stick to it and create a mess. So, pre-heat for at least 10 minutes before you start. Remember to be patient.  A medium cooked burger should be cooked for at least 4 minutes on each side on a hot grill. Don’t flip the burger excessively. Only once or twice should work best.

Once done, you can take the patty off the grill and place it in the bun to enjoy and serve delicious burgers.

With the above fantastic tips, you can make the yummiest burgers in BBQ. And if you need any more tools and knives that can help you with meat, visit the Brennan Group to place an order! 


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