6 Useful Tips for Bulk Buying Meat

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Meats can be the most expensive part of your weekly grocery list. However, you can save substantial money when you buy meat in bulk.

This blog will take you through some fantastic tips that can help you save money when bulk buying meat.

6 Useful Tips for Bulk Buying Meat

First things first. Let us tell you some important aspects of buying meat in bulk.

Where you can buy meat in bulk

  • Local Wholesale Butchers
  • Local Butchers
  • Farmer’s Markets
  • Online Meat Wholesalers

Best Meat Cuts for Bulk Buying

  • Mince – Premium Quality
  • Sausage
  • Meat Joints useful for roasting
  • Chicken Breast
  • Whole Chicken
  • Bacon and stewing meat
  • Rumps for stir-frying
  • Topside for curry
Here are some bulk buying tips when you purchase meat:
  1. Know the rate in the market

It always serves well to know the current rate of price per kilo of meat at your local supermarket and local butcher’s shop. This price can be used as a reference point when you buy the meat in bulk from any place.

Also, if you are buying online, make sure you consider the shipping charges for the perfect results.

  1. Buy only what you will use

Buying bulk meat is only for those who prepare meat dishes on a regular basis. You must also know what meat works best for you. If you wish to experiment with a new cut or new meat type, don’t opt for bulk buying.

Buying the meat in bulk is nothing less than an investment, so only buy meat that you are sure of consuming. Also, the meat that you are familiar with cooking. 

  1. Buy according to your storage space

It is fairly simple. Only buy the amount you can store. If you don’t have optimal storage conditions for all the meat you have brought in bulk, it is very likely to go waste. It might also result in you investing in an extra freezer for storage.

  1. Carry a cold bag

Buying meat in bulk is helpful until you realize that half the meat you brought got spoilt while traveling. Cars and other transport can heat up quickly and cause your meat to rot. It is essential to pack your bulk purchase in a cold bag or esky along with an ice block while traveling, especially in sweltering summers.

  1. Consider the weather

This might seem like an awkward tip, but it has a lot of use. It is worthless to stock up your refrigerator with meat during the cyclone season. In case of a power cut, your entire stock can go wasted.

Although it is practically impossible to predict and prevent a natural disaster, specific weather cycles can be considered. It is advisable to stock up during the year and utilise your stock during the weather cycle season.

  1. Sharing is caring

Going back to tip no.3, consider sharing a part of your bulk purchase with your friend if you are running short of space. This way, both of you can enjoy meat at cheaper rates without having to worry about its storage or perishability.

Besides the above tips, we recommend using good quality processing tools to cut and cook your meat. Especially when you are dealing with a bulk quantity. You can find various top-quality tools and equipment for your meat at the Brennan Group website


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