5 Ways to Encourage Customers to Buy Local

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5 Ways to Encourage Customers to Buy Local

The world is battling coronavirus and trying to adjust to the new normal. The lockdown has changed the way people think, live, eat and even buy. At such a time, people are preferring buying from the local stores for their daily food and hygiene needs. There has been significant increase in sales at local butchers, grocers and bakers. With this increase in demand at your shop, it is important that you cater well to them and encourage them to continue buying from you amid the pandemic and even post that.

Let’s have a look at a few ways:

Be community minded

As people are still reeling under the widespread effect of the pandemic, they have started bearing utmost precautions.  It is important to keep their safety in mind at all times. And this should be conveyed through demonstration and not just talk.  Some ways to do this is by:

  •         Implementing a one-in and one-out policy
  •         Social Distancing measures and precautions.
  •         Queues with at least 2 arms distance between customers.
  •         Over the Counter Sanitizer for all your customers/visitors.

Recommend Other Local Vendors

If you know a grocer who sells awesome stuff, recommend him to your consumers. Chances are, he might recommend you right back for meat related queries. Local vendors and shopkeepers can help each other with a collaborative attitude. The right of word of mouth can work wonders for you. If people trust a vendor, they are sure to ask for their recommendation and suggestions!

Know your Customers

Knowing your customers can go a long way in your business. If you know the preferences, habits and orders of your customers, it won’t be long before they become regulars at your shop! Your customer type and their demands can get highly influenced by the majority community that inhabits there. For example, Asians are found in a majority in the town of Blackburn, whereas Jewish residents are in a majority in the North Manchester area.

Also, different ethnic groups prefer different cuts of meat. Having good know-how about this can help you serve them in a personalized manner. This will bring them back to your shop again and again!

Additionally, if you own a shop in an area which has diverse communities, it is a good idea to use a bilingual or trilingual signage outside your shop!

Devise interesting schemes

You can have an interesting scheme or special discounts for first time buyers. Some referral scheme for people who recommend you to their friends or family can be applied as well. These are some interesting ways to promote your business and gain the interest and trust of your customers. Sometimes, positive word of mouth works better than a paid social media campaign as well.

Know your suppliers

With the effects of Pandemic looming large worldwide, people have become more and more cautious about what they consume and where it is sourced from. It is essential that you choose your suppliers wisely. Your customers can get curious about the location of the farms that supply to you, their size, farming practices and even the diet provided to the animals there. You are required to know about your suppliers. When someone buys from local butcher shop, they save an enormous amount of food ‘miles. This also promotes a healthier environment.

Above all, it is important to be efficient at your job. With good equipment like - a range of butcher knives, meat mincers, knife sharpeners, you can always be productive in your work. Visit Brennan Group to browse a shop range of Butcher Essentials. 


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