4 Tips to Avoid - ‘Why is your meat so expensive?” from Customers

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If you are a butcher, you undoubtedly must be getting, “Your meat is too expensive,” “Why is the beef so expensive?” by some or the other customers. Many butchers face this daily; it leaves them frustrated, and they might even be a little curt with their reactions.

Considering how frequently butchers face this question, it is essential to know what exactly should be told to the consumer so that they feel they are indeed getting the worth of their money. There are several ways in which you can add value to the customer’s overall experience. Studies say that the better customer experience you provide, the happier your customer is to return to you! 


Here are four tips to make your customer’s feel that they are getting value from you:

  1. Build a relationship with the customer

Consider being a consultant to your consumers instead of just a salesman. Try to keep yourself in their shoes and explain to them patiently. Rather than making a sale, try to make a relationship or bond with your customers.

This way, not only will they cherish visiting you, but also become your loyal customers! Making a sale will help in the short term but making a customer relationship will always help in the long run!

  2. Add value to the customer’s purchase

The prices of beef are going up around the world, and even a minor value added to the customer’s purchase can make them feel better! So always give your recommendations about meat, meat cuts, and recipes to your customer. The consumer often seeks expert advice when purchasing their cuts of beef.

Depending on the dish they are making, they would want to know the butcher’s opinion about what they think would be the best cut or a cheaper alternate cut. When you know well about all your meat cuts and how they work in different dishes, you add much more value to their shopping cart.

  3. Know your Markets

The meat market is exceptionally volatile, and the butcher needs to stay updated with it. Being a butcher isn’t restricted to just cutting and selling meat. It involves essential know-how of meat cuts and keeping a tab of the meat market trends. Take some time out to study the meat cuts that are in trend.

Knowing the latest trends in the meat market can play an important role. Always know the price your competitors sell at and have a substantial value offered for the rate you sell at. Networking is an essential component of having a business, even butchering business!

  4. Discounts, Offers, and Giveaways

An occasional discount, even if it’s just a 5% discount, can make your customers smile. Giveaways like unique sauces and marinades every once in a while, can keep your customers happy and also act as a promotion. Have a lucky draw or a referral scheme going so that customers feel like they have options to draw value from you.

Besides the above tips, it is essential to serve the best quality meat processed correctly. Having the right set of meat processing tools and machinery can be very handy in a commercial environment. If you wish to buy anything for your butcher shop, you can visit the Brennan Group and shop away at great prices!


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