3 Ways to Create Positive Customer Experience in your Butcher Shop

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It can be said that buying meat is not a child’s play. Today’s consumer is well aware and wants the best meat for his house. The consumer looks for various aspects like the quality, price, cuts of meat and variation when it comes to meat. In such a competitive environment, if you are not able to answer the customer’s queries and give optimal suggestions, they might not come back!

Most of the customers rely on the expertise of the shop’s butcher to give them the best advice and help them choose the best meat for their requirement. It is important to create positive customer experience because customers often remember the quality of service offered in addition to the quality of meat purchased.


Let us see how you can create positive customer experiences for long term customer satisfaction.


1. Become the customer

Sounds funny right? But if you perceive your shop as a customer, you can definitely get a view of what the customer sees.


A customer’s journey consists of three main parts that are awareness, evaluation and purchasing.  You need to positively boost all three stages of customer experience in order to retain them.


Assess the Exterior

Approach your own shop as a customer. Assess how inviting it looks to you from the outside. Are the windows appearing clean, is the sign board specific enough? Are the business hours mentioned? Is the place clean and calm? If you don’t feel that your shop is inviting, no one else will feel so too.


Assess the Interior

It is important to gather the first impression that customers get after they enter the shop. Does it have a nice smell? Is the staff well dressed and ready to assist? Are all the counters clean and neat? Is the meat correctly labelled and organized? Assess the environment and make necessary changes.


2. Merchandizing and Signage

If your products are not displayed in an organized manner with proper labels, the customer might pass your shop altogether. If you deal in a variety of meat like lamb, beef, pork, turkey and chicken, you need to have proper labels for all.  Different types of meat can often cause a lot of confusion and you need to keep your signage simple and easy to read.

Merchandizing can also make your shop attractive. As most people are right-handed, always stack hot items in the right end of the counter. Fill up any gaps in your counter. Blank shelf space can put your customers off.


3. Customer Service

Once you have made sure all the visuals are attractive, clean and neat, you need to focus on the customer service. Give them insights for their purchase. Tips such as how to cook meat, how to choose the best cut or what the meat pairs best with is something that can be very valuable to your customer.  

Another way to boost sales is to offer samples and offers. Keep up with the meat industry n ews and local market.


Lastly, don’t be disheartened if the customer doesn’t buy from you, if you have a friendly nature and look out to help them, they will definitely remember you!


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