Top 5 Vegetarian Christmas Dinner

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Christmas is a season to be happy, have the best of fun, and enjoy the moment with your friends, colleagues, and most especially your family.

The best holiday is almost here, I'm sure various planning are already going on and on, you will surely feel the Christmas spirit everywhere you go.

One of the most relevant planning you must take very serious is the holiday menu, which you want to prepare during the festive period.


If you are a vegan, or you have family member or colleague or any of your friends who is a vegetarian and is coming over to have dinner at your place, you've got nothing to worry about.

Below are 5 vegetarian Christmas dinners you can choose to add to your dinner list.

1. Roast cauliflower with sage butter

The sweet and magnificent cauliflower uphold its own beauty in this wonderful aromatic dinner, it is a gluten free dinner, so you've got nothing to worry about, to prepare this wonderful meal, it only needs just six ingredients which you may already have in your kitchen, it is an easy flavour-packed vegetarian Christmas dinner you would love. You just need trimmed cauliflower, Olive oil, unsalted butter, from finely chopped sage, grated nutmeg, crushed garlic to prepare this beauty.

2. Baked butternut squash, ricotta spinach

The combining of the creamy ricotta, spinach and a sweet butternut squash make a really healthy, sweet, contentment and wonderful Christmas vegetarian dinner. It takes about 20-55 minutes to prepare, the ingredients you need are a large butternut squash, caraway seeds, crushed red chillies, unpeeled garlic cloves, olive oil, baby spinach, ricotta, grated Parmesan, free-range egg, and a bunch of fresh sage leaves.

3. Grilled pear and pickled walnuts with Cheddar on toast

This is a really fast and healthy vegetarian dinner you can add to the menu list, the combination of Cheese on toast with pickled walnuts and grilled pears and other ingredients makes this food flawless. The ingredients you need to prepare this wonderful dish are English mustard, lemon juice, walnut malt vinegar, peeled garlic clove, rapeseed oil, firm and ripe pears, finely chopped pickled walnuts, grated Cheddar, sour dough bread and rockets.

4. Cranberry and lentil bake

This recipe is a prove that a vegetarian Christmas dinner can be just as sweet and interesting as the regular chicken and turkey meal. For the preparation of this nutritive meal the ingredients you need are dried cranberries, red wine, cooked lentils, olive oil, chopped sage, chopped parsley, smoked paprika, ground cloves, tomato puree, soy sauce and corn flour.

5. Artichoke and Chicory gratin

Daily dose of greens is very healthy, while enjoying the season you can as well keep your body in shape. It's a fresh meal and the ingredients you need to make this delicious and healthy vegetarian Christmas dinner meal are Jerusalem artichoke, lemon juice, unsalted butter, Olive oil, chicory leaves sour cream, double cream, whole grain mustard, potato, roasted chestnuts, thyme leaves, fresh white bread crumbs, grated cheddar or gruyère.


To get the recipes of these wonderful aromatic health vegetarian Christmas dinners, you can check them online; if you are based in Ireland and you need catering equipment or supplies you can visit our online store to supplement your cooking experience.


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