The Importance of Correct Packaging in the Food Industry

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The packaging world is one that is evolving, and with the aid of technology, it is moving at a very fast pace. Many producers and food suppliers have various food packaging solution that one can pick from. No matter the size of your business as someone that is in the food business, picking the right packaging material for your product might be a hard choice. But be sure to know that the ideal packaging solution is there for you to use. Ceramics, glass, metal, plastics, wood, paper and board are some of the available food packaging materials.


Some available food packaging solutions and supplies include:

1. Trays: available in so many forms, trays can be made of plastic, paper, wood etc. They are these flat surfaces with curved edges that are used to package the likes of drinks, meats and so on. They are mostly placed in the superstores to keep products in a particular place.

2. Aseptic processing: this particular package is made up of the combination of paper, aluminum and the inside it has a layer of polyethylene. They are used to package sterile food products like milk, liquid eggs, and other dairy products.

3. Bags: just like trays, they are very common for use in packaging food products. Bags are mostly used to pack snacks like chips and doughnuts, and fruits like apples and tomatoes. The bag serves the function of separating the package itself from the atmospheric air.

4. Flow wrapping: this type of packaging is considered to be the best solution for fresh items that are not kept in boxes.  It is a very common type of food packaging that is used for the likes of chocolate bars, tortilla wraps etc.

5. Wrappers: these serve as a means of protection for the food against the surrounding environment. And just like the flow wrapping, they are used commonly in packaging candy bars.

6. Vacuum packaging: this is one of the most convenient and simplest ways of packaging food. This process involves the sealing of air out of a polythene container and sealing it off. It is used in preserving the likes of meat, cheese, and seafood, by removing oxygen one prevents the growth of bacteria.

7. Boxes: they are the most used form of transportation for food-related products. Boxes are sometimes made up of materials like metals, wood/board and fiber materials used in weaving. Example of food packaged with boxes are fruits, pizzas, cereals etc.


Food packaging is used for various purposes, ranging from serving as protection to the food to forming various sizes for a particular product. One thing to keep in mind is that the food packaging material must never create any adverse reactions with the food material. For those seeking to venture into the use of packaging for their food-related products, they should keep in mind that a proper food packaging material should proffer the following purposes:

 - The material should be used as an effective marketing tool. The likes of boxes, wraps, and trays can be branded with the company’s logo.

 - It should be able to preserve the food, protecting it from environmental conditions like air, light, and smell.

 - Lastly, it should put into consideration the convenience to the end user.


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