The Importance of Correct Food Waste Disposal

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Food waste happens to be one of the major significant waste streams across a major part of the world.  The accumulation of waste food from cafeterias, fast food joints, restaurants and hotels has resulted in a huge quantity of waste food, and it only seems to be increasing rapidly.  The same waste can be used as compost as well as utilized as an energy source to prevent this damage and, instead, benefitting from the waste. If a proper strategy is not implemented to manage this waste, it can result in something more serious and irreversible. In this article, we break down how exactly waste food can impact the environment, how important it is to manage food waste in a proper way, and what the benefits of waste food management are.


How does waste management impact the environment?

To get an idea of the picture, here's a few statistics:

In the UK alone, more than 200,000 tonnes of food are wasted by UK supermarkets every year, and around a hundred million pints of milk?are tipped down the drain. Moreover, 1/3rd of all the food produced in the world is either wasted or lost at its end stage. This is just a fraction of the extent of the situation: and suffice it to say that food waste management can have a massive impact on saving the environment and bettering it for the future.


How important is it to manage food waste?

The greenhouse gases released in the atmosphere due to food waste as well as the numerous other extremely detrimental effects of food waste can be avoided with a proper plan in place. It is extremely important to make radical changes in the system that facilitates food waste so as to stop the staggering amount of food wasted every year and utilizing these resources to help people who are malnutritioned and have to suffer from hunger on a regular basis.


What are the benefits of proper waste management?

The use of recycled food waste as compost reduces the need for supplemental pesticides, fertilizers and water. It can improve soil health and structure, and also increase drought resistance. Moreover, food waste is also an untapped energy source that is not utilised and wasted every year only to end up in landfills.




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