Summer Activities That Will Keep You Busy and Fit

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It’s mid-summer, the days, the weeks and the months keep slipping past your fingers as you continue to binge watch Netflix shows. You spend all day shoveling junk food and watching silly YouTube videos as your fit, swole Irish ancestors look down on you with disgust. Those same ancestors who bicycled, hiked and camped in the great wilderness.

In these dark moments, you ancestors all gather and send you a burst of energy through the heavens, like something out of Dragonball Z, they gather all their camping, cycling and hiking strength to you out of nowhere, cycling, hiking and camping Irish hero is born, ready to take on the great wilderness, and here’s what you’ll do:



Now that we’ve established why you’re doing these physical activities, let’s go to the how and what. Ireland is home to some of the world’s most scenic cycling routes. Ireland’s weather remains pretty pleasant all year round, especially during the breezy summers so to grab two wheels instead of four to take in this beauty is a must have journey.

If you’re in Wexford, locals suggest a bike ride on the Hook Head Loop, which starts at Duncannon and is a flat road ride to the Hook Lighthouse, which is the oldest working lighthouse in the world.

To cycle, you’ll need a good rider’s cycle to ease the journey. Make sure you wear sweat-proof clothing that visible from afar.  Safety should be your number one priority as it’s pretty easy to hurt yourself while cycling. Grab a helmet, some knee pads if you like, good grip shoes and be on your way.

A man walking down the road in the plains of ireland



Again, Ireland is home to some of the world’s most extravagant scenes. From coastal routes to mountain climbs, you’ll find easy to access hiking trails perfect for a weekend trail.

If you’re in Dublin for a visit or if you’re a local who has just received powers from your ancestors, The Bog of Frog is a great place to start. This route links to the coastal path and eventually you’ll lose any sign of civilization at all when you take this 12km or 3 hour walk.

The trail might have a little slope, so It’s best recommended to have shoes with excellent grip and lots of fluid. Take a raincoat just in case, you don’t want to be drenched in the middle of nowhere!




If you’re going through the bother or hiking, might as well take a tent and pitch it to experience nature at its fullest. If you’re in Galway, the CrannOg Eco Farm near Drumming Gort is as close to nature as you can get.


Cycling, hiking and camping are all wonderful activities to do in great peninsula of Ireland as the land lends itself to the one who wants to explore nature. But these are all activities we mentioned, powers we received from our own ancestors. What is your favorite activity to in summer? Feel free to share!


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