Successful LTO Ideas for Your Restaurant

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LTO stands for “Limited Time Only” is widely referred to specials offers or promotions that do stay around for a short time. In short, it can be known as special menu item or some set of items that are made available for a short period of time. Numerous benefits are attached to the use of LTO, they include an increase in the customer base, profits, and also a better satisfaction enjoyed by the customers. Many restaurants have different reasons for starting an LTO campaign, but some of the known benefits are;

· To test a new product. Before you start to make bigger investments into a new item on the menu, it is usually nice to see what the customers have to say during an LTO. This will let you know if the new dish is worth adding to the menu permanently.

· It is also part of a marketing strategy, to get more customers.



Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind to ensure you have a successful LTO campaign in your restaurant.

1. Make it worth the Hype

Depending on the vibe created by the LTO campaign, this will determine how successful the campaign will be. This all revolves around the type of offers created by other restaurants, which means your campaign must stand out and be unique. This will give you the opportunity to build on the fact you’re your offer is new. Also, make proper use of social-media vibes, allow your customers to create trends on trending social media platforms, like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Pictures of your food are posted on social media platforms, in a manner that is visually appealing to every potential customer online.

2. Let LTO campaign stand out

Whatever your campaign is built around, be it a special spice, drink or meal, make sure you give out the special feature in your LTO. Assuming you have your LTO built around a special flavored dish, lets them know in your campaign. Allow your customer to crave the meal, make them wonder what exactly the new meal is about. You can also create your LTO in trend with any current happening, like during the football seasons or a special program airing. Considering this factor will give your LTO a better standing.

3. Create awareness

Apart from the use of social media advertisement, utilize the physical method of advertisement to get your word out to the public. This even sends the word out faster to people, before and during the campaign. Make use of every available medium ranging from the likes of food tents, window curtains, item boards, and also the staffs.

4. Following the current season

Variety of the LTO campaigns are always released in line with the current season. Like the winter and summer seasons, a special flavor of coffees or cocoa drinks can be introduced during the winter seasons, while summer seasons are majorly packed with white, blue or red themed promotions. Doing a seasonal LTO rollout can ensure the success of such a campaign. 

5. Lay emphasis on the LT in LTO

The reason why it is tagged Limited Time Offer is that it is limited in the time at which it will be available. Which means it comes with the scarcity of the discount available. This may sound somehow, but the more time you attach to your LTO, the less unique and fun it will be.


In summary, many restaurants that engage in the use of limited time offers or LTOs use them to bring in more traffic and driving up their sales, LTO is also a very great avenue to give out and test new items on a menu. With this, they are able to attract new potential customers and increase the number of a visit from their regular loyal customers.


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