Some of the Best Food Festivals in 2018 Around the World!

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Imagine this, you and a couple of mates. You have all been saving up as much money as possible. You have also been starving yourself. But all of this is for good reason. This reason is food and the journey it is about to take you on. A journey to search your soul, but also fill your belly. The world has arranged food festivals for you, showcasing only the most exquisite cuisine each place has to offer.

Just think how you are dipping your fork into the oyster of the world. That is what food festivals around the world will offer you. Here is a list of the best food festivals around the world.

Windy City Smokeout

It is said that Americans have the best barbeque in the world. While that may be bit of a stretch, you can surely test that theory out in Chicago Illinois’ Windy City Smokeout festival. It is a weekend long party filled with booze, barbeque and music.

This festival attracts the biggest experts in grilling and cooking out from the States and the world. You will see the most creative ways to cook and eat meat, the likes of which will never be seen anywhere else.

But it does not stop there. There is also the craft beer showcase!  Taste some of the best craft beer’s in America and then jam out to some music and entertainment. Honestly, it is a complete experience!



A Taste of West Cork Food Festival

Why go across the pond to have a good time when you can do that right here? West Cork was named the best foodie place in Ireland for 2017 and rightfully so! This festival is a great showcase for the extensive palette West Corkers while also offering a great time for everyone who shows up.

Family entertainment, outdoor food, a chance to hear food experts talk and just a wholesome experience altogether. Something to warm your heart and fill your belly at the same time. The festival also goes on for 10 days, so you have ample time to eat.


Naples Foodfest

The people of Naples, Italy come together once every year to celebrate the greatest food item ever created, the Pizza. A week-long festival where you can even learn to make pizza on your own. It showcases every kind of pizza you can imagine from the Marinara, to the Neopolitan. Everything except pineapple pizza because that is a sin against everything holy. Just kidding!

There are workshops where you can learn how to make the pizza and watch the worlds experts do it as well!



Salon Du Chocolat

The self-proclaimed ‘biggest event dedicated to chocolate and cocoa’ in Paris, France, it is a conglomerate of over 60 countries coming together to love chocolate. You can see the world’s top chefs create the most magnificent chocolate dishes, try them out and be lost in a chocolatey haze.

Oh, and there are also life sized chocolate sculptures that you can actually take bites of. Don’t know if they allow it, but you could if you wanted to! 



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