Polycotton Chef Clothing: The Best for the Least

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If you surf the web for the chef clothing, you’d find Wikipedia saying that wearing these clothes is one of the standard restaurant uniforms that have the trend going on from the early 19th century. It adds an impeccable aura to a chef working to produce laurels of his skills for the people out there.

That being said, it is not only the standard but also a token of safety for the chefs to wear uniforms since they are made to serve different important functions.


1) The uniform saves the chef from heat

All of the parts of the uniform are made from cotton. This is because this material has the superior ability to withstand heat and therefore, protect the person wearing it.

Cooking can seriously get messy sometimes. Whether you are preparing a delectable sauce for your dish or frying something, chances are that liquids from the hot pans and pots could find themselves on your clothes in a projectile motion. In “hot” situations like these, only the double-breasted jacket could come to your rescue.


2) It can hide all the gruesome stains

The jacket we talked about is made such that it can be worn both sides (nobody can even notice that). So, if you have stains on one side of the garment, you can flip it inside-out to let the world see the cleaner side of you.

Besides that, the inherent absorbing quality of the cotton absorbs all the stains; thus, you wouldn’t have to worry about the slovenly stains smudging your clothes even if you flip the jacket.

The buttons of the jacket are knotted. This means that no matter how much they contact or how many times they are washed, they are going to remain like they were throughout the life of the jacket.


3) It can save the meals that you cook

You might wonder how that could be. Well, the hat that is a part of the uniform serves more than one purpose. It is meant to save your meals from contamination as well as indicate your rank by its height. So, the next time you are going to wear that hat, wear it with pride.

Since variety is what saves something from perishing, the uniform we are talking about also has many varieties to enable chefs of different tastes to have different uniforms based on color, makeup, and material.

However, no matter what you choose, the fact remains that you cannot trust every vendor when it comes to buying the uniform. In this essence, we at Brennan Group e-store particularly take pride in providing uniforms that speak of our commitment to the industry just as the white color of it indicates commitment of the chef.



Why us?

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