Most Common Food Vacuum Bags – FAQ’s

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Vacuum bags are designed to reduce the permeability of air into the bag itself, thereby maintaining the seal made by the bag. They are made from polypropylene, nylon, polyester film. There are many of them for various products, but this will be focusing on food vacuum bags and we will also be answering some FAQ’s about them. Right from the time of World War 2, vacuum sealers have been used to package food for soldiers at war front. It was not until 1940’s when vacuum bags were made for store foods.


Q – What are food vacuum bags?

A – These are bags that are made of nylon or polyester materials, they are used to remove air from around a food by sealing it in an impermeable sealer. They are available in various sizes for accommodating different products. They are also used in homes, and commercial facilities like superstores. The vacuum bag functions by sealing the product into an impermeable bag removing air.

Q – How to use vacuum bags?

A – The main reason for using a vacuum bag is to get rid of the oxygen by placing the items (food) into them, removing the air and then sealing the bag. It is placed on a flat surface while you place the food in it, make sure you press it enough to help get rid of any air in the bag. In the case which the vacuum has Velcro, you just press the lid of the vacuum bag together once you are sure that you’ve gotten rid of air from it.

Q – What types of vacuum bags are available?

A – As stated earlier that different vacuum bags are available based on their texture, sizes and the various products they are used for. Some available bags are; channelled and notched vacuum bags, vacuum zipper bags and vacuum bags, vacuum pouches etc.

Q – What are the benefits of using a vacuum bag?

A - Below are some benefits that are attached to the use of vacuum bags.

 - Vacuum sealed foods last longer for a period of 1-2 weeks in the refrigerator, compared to the 1-3 days when stored in a conventional way in the refrigerator.

 - Vacuum packaging prevents loss of moisture, preventing your food from shrinking.

 - Meat vacuum packed at a temperature of 0ºC - 1ºC does not hinder the tenderization of such meat; which means the quality of vacuum-packed foods are increased.

 - Since vacuum packing has to do with the removal of air that surrounds the food, this stops the growth of micro-organisms.

Q – Where can I get a vacuum bag?

A – Vacuum bags can be gotten from the major superstores around, and also from the online market depending on your proximity to the closest source.

Q – Does vacuum bag prolong product shelf-life?

A – Yes. The main reason for vacuum packing is to remove oxygen from the bag itself, this process stops the growth of aerobic materials that cause spoilage to food. The shelf-life of the vacuumed product is thereby extended.


Everyone into the consumption of highly perishable foods (meat products) should check out these bags. The most important advantage one will enjoy from using this bag is that the spoilage process of you food is slowed down, which means your stored food will last longer in the fridge than normal. This eventually save you cost and time.


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