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Meat Saver Paper is the only meat paper that preserves the meat's red colour. Because the paper does not absorb any blood or juices from the meat, it helps keep the meat fresh for longer, in combination with minimal weight loss. We at The Brennan Group are the experts in food packaging and would like to introduce you our range of Meat Saver Paper.




Meat Saver Paper can be used as a tray liner, burger interleaving paper or a meat wrap, and its popularity stems from the properties of the paper that provide tangible benefits.

Meat Saver Paper’s Wet-Strength maintains the integrity of the paper when in contact with meat or when chilled, and minimises fibre tear.

The juices remain within the meat, rather than being absorbed by the Steak Paper, ensuring minimal loss of weight compared to original cut weight.

Saver Paper restores and preserves the bright red appearance of the meat, meaning it can be pre-cut at your leisure in preparation for busier periods.




Covering meat and poultry with Meat Saver Paper ensures it stays fresher for longer meaning you do not have to trim off discoloured meat saving you both meat and money.

The ability of Meat Saver Paper to preserve meat for longer than other products means that you can pre-cut meat at a time that suits you ready for those busier periods.

It has high tear resistance helping prevent bones breaking through the wrap.

Meat Saver Paper is strong enough to peel from meat when wet or dry without tearing.

It is ideal to line counter displays and place between layers of red meat. Meat Saver Paper is available in Peach, White, Green, and Black.

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