Meat Saver Paper: Sustain Meat Freshness, Boost Your Profit, More Satisfied Customers!

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Keep your meat looking great all day! The authentic and innovative Meat Saver Paper from The Brennan Group outlines how butchers and meat processors could be missing a trick and some additional profit by not using the product. Suited to be used by butchers in meat shops, it is mainly used as an interleaving paper between meat and fresh hamburgers or as a mat in meat trays. As the top product in our range as part of our Food Packaging & Sundries line ensures that meat products stay fresher for longer after leaving a shop or processing plant and the result is a satisfied consumer.


Sustains Meat Freshness

Meat Saver Paper ensures the product remains fresh for longer as it is the only meat paper that preserves the meat's red color. Because the paper does not absorb any blood or juices from the meat, it helps keep the meat fresh for longer, in combination with minimal weight loss. It reduces the need to trim discolored and oxidized meat to reduce waste products.


Durable Use

Meat Saver Paper is firm and strong when wet or dry to avoid tearing when removing from meat. What's more, Meat Saver Paper is a natural product and, as such, is biodegradable. Moreover, it is easy to vacuum pack or to freeze (to prevent dehydration) and is available in sheets and rolls. It also can produce a range of shapes and sizes including sheets, rolls, crimped cases, and shapes with scalloped edges.


Saves Time

Meat Saver Paper saves you time as you can prepare the product further in advance in anticipation of busy periods as it prolongs the life of the meat. This product is highly rated by our customers. It’s no tear properties are well-known and it’s strong enough to peel from the meat when wet or dry without tearing.


Helps Retain Value

Non-absorbent, this product ensures juices remain within the product to ensure minimal loss of weight and value. With its high tear and burst resistance, Meat Saver Paper also helps prevent bones from breaking through the wrap. Its ability to preserve meat longer than similar products allows meat to be pre-cut at a convenient time ready for busier periods.


How Meat Saver Paper Works?

When meat contacts any surface, for example a display tray, other pieces of meat etc., it will very quickly oxidize and turn grey. This happens because Myoglobin, which is a protein pigment that stores and carries oxygen to muscles, oxidizes, and changes the color of red meat.

Within half an hour of exposure to oxygen and light, the meat blooms and turns the meat to a shade of red or pink that represents the amount of myoglobin in that particular type of meat. Other variations on the shade of red are determined by the type of animal, the animal’s diet, age, sex, etc.

By using a sheet of Meat Saver Paper on the base on your tray, the meat will retain the bloom and no grey areas will appear. If you are layering your meat on the display tray or for overnight storage, just use a sheet of Meat Saver Paper between each layer of meat, and the next day it will still be “cherry red”.

If a piece of meat has oxidized, wrap it in Meat Saver Paper and the bloom will return. Customers will be pleased with the appearance of their meat, and there will be no more complaints about grey meat.



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