Let's Destroy Some Myths About Gluten

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Gluten is an important protein that is found in rye, wheat, barley and various other grains. Over the last years Gluten has been considered a villain in the world of nutrition because some individuals are born with gluten intolerance. That is why there are various gluten-free options available. Even healthy individuals are attracted towards the Gluten-free diet because of the various myths that how avoiding gluten can help them live a healthier life. You will be surprised to know that 1/3rd of people are trying to cut down gluten from their diet because common misconceptions. Here we have some myths about gluten which you should stop believing.

1) Heal your gut with Gluten-free diet

There is no scientific evidence or confirmation available that could prove that we can improve the health of our gut by cutting down gluten from our diet. It means that if you do not suffer from celiac disease or other types of gluten intolerance disorders, there is no need to eliminate gluten from your diet. You should know that gluten intolerance is a very rare disorder and it is commonly found in only 0.5 to 1% of people around the world. Usually, the disease is diagnosed at a very early age. If you eliminate gluten from your diet without reason you will be consuming less fiber that would lead to some digestive issues.

2) You can lose weight with a Gluten-free diet

One of the biggest misconceptions that people have about Gluten is that eliminating it can help them reduce weight. You should know that Gluten has nothing to do with weight loss. If you are losing weight by elimination of Gluten from your diet it is because of quantity or quality of food which you are consuming. You may be working hard for weight loss. If you are unable to control your calories and portion size of gluten-free products or you will not consume enough fiber, chances are you will start gaining weight.

3) Gluten-free is healthier

Gluten-free products are expensive as compared to other food items due to which people think that they may be healthier. There are some studies which show that if you are not suffering from Gluten intolerance and still you will go Gluten-free, you may be affecting your health negatively. You will be surprised to know that most of the Gluten-free products have a higher concentration of salts, sugar, calories and saturated fats. They have a lower amount of protein and fiber. It will affect the digestive system of your body. On the other hand, food products with gluten will have more nutrients and will provide you a healthier body. There are many nutrients in bread like:

  • Iron
  • Calcium
  • Potassium
  • Fiber
  • Folate
  • More

4) Have more energy with Gluten-free diet

There are some individuals who have experienced higher level of energy after eliminating gluten from their diet. It will surely happen when people will consume more vegetables and fruits instead of processed food items. It will only happen when you will have balanced diet.


To conclude, please make sure that you get all myths out of your mind. Enjoy your food with all the nutrients that have been given to us by nature.  


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