Ideal Commercial Kitchen Countertops for Your Business

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A countertop is any work surface that is used in kitchen, either those at home or in the restaurant. They are also used in the bathrooms, and workroom areas specifically. Countertops can be made from various materials like granite, marble, quartz, wood etc., in respect to its purpose, durability and designs.  Since we are focusing on kitchen countertops, those usually come with cabinets, the surface of the cabinet is positioned in such a way that any person can make use of it. Most countertops have appliances built in them; which in the case of restaurants could be coffee maker, toaster etc.


Countertops used in the commercial kitchens are exposed to rough handling, heavy equipment are placed on them, and are also various temperatures of cooking appliances, scratch from knives. Any type of countertop meant for restaurants must be able to withstand the continuous wear and tear, and still remain in a good condition. When it comes to selecting a material for the best, especially for use in a commercial kitchen, the most durable that can withstand the rigorous activities that are done in there is the Quartz type. They are available in different colours and textures, can also be customized. Pros include easy maintenance, resistant to stains and can withstand heat.


When it comes to establishing a commercial kitchen, many things are kept into consideration. One of them includes the issue of cost, especially when it comes to the purchase of utensils. When looking for a countertop material that is pocket friendly, easy to fix and of high quality and durability, the best option is the Laminate. They come in various colours, affordable, easy to fix, and can endure the heavy duties of a busy kitchen. 


When it comes to deciding the material to use when picking a countertop for a commercial kitchen, the price is very important. In-fact, the price commands the type of material one would prefer for a commercial kitchen. Many will even opt for the one with the most affordable price, ignoring the versatility and durability of the countertop material. Some of the most expensive countertop materials include the marble, granite, quartz and custom tiles. Common advantages that they all have is their resistance to heat and stain.


For those that are easily affordable by many commercial kitchens, they include laminates, wood, solid-face material. They are all exposed to damage after use over a long period of time. The solid-face material can be damaged by hot pans, water causes damage to the wood, while surface of laminate materials can be scratched creating a damage that is almost impossible to repair.


Owners of commercial kitchen should focus on using a better countertop material. The cheap ones mentioned above like the wood tend to have great looks, with very low cost but their maintenance is very high. The expensive ones are like that because of their composition; the likes of granite, marble and quartz are of higher quality and great aesthetics, giving your kitchen a great look. 


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