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Customers are often clueless about what kind of steak they want when they come to your shop for purchasing it. They could have various queries and might rely solely on your advice to select the steak best for them.

In order to provide good advice to your customers, you must know about their requirement and then assess what steak would suit them best. Things like whether the steak is being cooked on a grill or pan can matter a lot. Whether or not they are planning to serve it with vegetables. Whether they need a sauce or gravy from the juices. Answers to these questions can help you clarify most of their doubts.

But in general, there are 3 main things you need to consider when suggesting a particular steak to your customers.


1.  Marbling

Marbling refers to the amount of fat running through the steak. In many countries, the amount of marbling in the steak is graded or scored. If the marbling is less, the score will be less and vice versa.

Why is marbling an important factor, you ask? This is because when you cook steak, all the marbled fat will melt and release flavour in the process.  This is why it is so crucial. When your customers ask you about tips to choose the best steak, you can always tell them to look at the fineness and frequency of the streaks of fat in the cut of their meat.


2.  Tenderness

Tenderness of the meat is an important factor too. Tenderness depends on several factors like how the animal was processed, its diet and the exercise it had during its lifetime. When your customers ask for ways to identify whether the meat is tender or not, you can suggest them these quick tips.

It can be tested with a simple method. You can poke the meat with your finger (while it is packaged) and check whether it springs back to shape quickly. If it immediately springs back to its original shape, it means the meat isn’t too tender. Whereas if the meat stays down after poking it or rises up slowly, it has enough tenderness and is perfect for tender meat lovers.


3.  Choosing the right cut

The cut of the steak plays a major role in defining its flavor and marbling on it too. Steaks cut from the top sirloin area tend to have the best marbling and flavor. Other recommended cuts are ribeye or tenderloin.


These were the three most crucial factors to be considered when selecting the right steak. If you consider the above aspects while giving suggestions, your valuable advice to your customers can make a huge difference to their selection. This may bring them back again to your shop.


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