Hand Overwrap Machine: A Commercial Kitchen & Food Shop Staple with Butcher-Friendly Functions

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Get your shop’s essential bit of kit for any butcher, deli, cafe, supermarket, or restaurant to quickly and easily overwrap and seal your products. The Brennan Group’s Hand Overwrap Machine sets the mark for producing cost-effective high or low profile case-ready packaging. Get yours now here!

All across Ireland, the product is the industry standard for overwrapping machinery and leak-proof packaging equipment with a simple to apply food-grade key stretch films. As it incorporates two steel-made rollers, it can allow full-lengthen stretch films to pass below the product to be encapsulated conveniently.

What Sets The Brennan Group’s Hand Overwrap Machine Apart From Its Competitors?

Here are some of the top reasons why getting one of a hand overwrap machine for your kitchen gives more value to your money and adds a classic standard to your shop!

Food Industry Friendly

The hand overwrap machine is convenient for food processing industries, farms, supermarkets, delicatessens, restaurants, etc. It comes along with a stretch film customized with different widths that can perfectly suit any meat, vegetable, fruit, fish, or any food it was built based on customer feedback.

Controlled Temperature

Compared to other food sealing machines, the hand overwrap machine’s temperature of the heating plate can be adjusted easily by one touch of the electronic control box. The electronic console is made with a low voltage and consistently heated thin cutting metal wire for sealing the tray’s bottom on the hot plate steel. The temperature of the hotplate can be adjusted easily through the easy to toggle switches.


How Does a Hand Overwrap Machine Work?

The Overwrap Machine is ideal for packaging food to preserve its freshness and also to enhance its appearance. The food hand wrapper is a tabletop station made of stainless steel or painted plain white construction for cleanliness and ease of maintenance. It is equipped with an electrically heated wire that easily cuts the film and the non-stick plate provides a tight seal to keep in the freshness.

The hand wrapper can take a maximum film width of up to 450mm wide which is purchased separately. Operation of the hand wrapper is easy – simply wait 5-10 minutes for it to warm up and once it is ready to place the product to be packaged on the platform, pull the cling wrap or food film over and around the product, cut the film with the heated blade and seal the package on the heated non-stick plate. It is ideal for wrapping trays of meat, cheese, and produce.



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