Ergo Steel II Knife Sharpener

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There comes a time, often more than once in a week, when you find that your favorite set of knives are no longer cutting food the way they used to. Your immediate response will be to put the knives to the sharpening steel as soon as possible so they begin slicing meat and vegetables with razor-sharp accuracy. A purpose-built knife sharpener, like the PrimeEdge Ergo Steel 2, is designed to ‘enhance’ the blade by removing the right amount of fatigued metal to restore its cutting precision in the kitchen.

Knife sharpening tools, like the PrimeEdge Ergo Steel 2 knife sharpener, take the guesswork out of placing blades at the correct angles or applying the adequate amount of pressure. All the staff member has to do is grab the knife with a dulled edge and pass it through the slot. The Ergo Steel 2 knife sharpener device makes use of spring-tension rods to hack away damaged metal and sharpen the edge in mere seconds. 


Other notable features of the Ergo Steel 2 Knife Sharpener include:

?   A single knife sharpener device that can restore blades for the complete range of large and small knives

?   With each pass, the Ergo Steel 2 sharpens and aligns both sides of the blade at the same time

?   Spring mechanisms are designed with safety and hygiene in mind

?   The sharpening mechanism consists of tempered stainless steel rods that pivot with each swipe

?   This knife sharpener has been cleared for use in professional kitchens, commercial kitchens, food factories, food preparation plants and more  by CE and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (or USDA)

?   Sleek and compact design allows for hassle-free cleaning and maintenance

?   No specialized training is required to use the Ergo Steel 2 Knife Sharpener, so it saves time after being introduced to the workplace

?   The Ergo Steel 2 knife sharpener comes with two mounting options: it can be placed beside a worker on the tabletop or be used as a handheld device.

?   The specially designed gap for placing the blade prevents injuries caused by edge maintenance attempts by less experienced workers.


This pull-through knife sharpening model is sturdy enough to be used as an industrial knife sharpener but safe enough to be used in personal kitchens as a home knife sharpener. The Ergo Steel 2 sharpens best in comparison to other knife sharpening devices on the market, while ensuring a safe and an accident-free sharpening with the inclusion of a non-slip base. Whether one is a gourmet cook or an amateur home chef, the importance of using a well-sharpened knife during food preparation is evident. Rather than sending dull knives from the kitchen over to a professional grinder or knife sharpener, invest in the Ergo Steel 2 Knife Sharpener to save time and money.


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