Enrich Your Dinner Cooking Experience With Smoothwall Aluminum Foil Trays

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Non-sticking pots and pans make cooking meals a breeze, but they demand a considerable investment both in time to maintain them and money to purchase them upfront. Rather than shelling out more euros to expand your existing cooking ware collection, it is worth trying out smoothwall aluminum foil trays and pans in your kitchen first.

Aluminum Foil Cookware & Bakeware: The Backbone of Professional Kitchens

Aluminum foil trays, pans and containers are regularly used by kitchen staff in hotels, at small and large food catering operations, in bakeries and at all types of restaurants. The use of aluminum foil pans, trays and containers is not limited to storage or transport; food preparers rely on the heavy-duty, ready-to-cook construction to grill, bake, roast or steam entire meals in their professional kitchens. Companies specializing in pet food as well as home-based food businesses exclusively use smoothwall aluminum foil containers to package their products for sale on the market.


Aluminum Cookware: The Practical Chef’s Secret

Aluminum bakeware and cookware are essential in any kitchen where the chef prioritizes safety, economy and efficiency. Here are some the top reasons why smart chefs choose to cook and store their meals with aluminum foil trays, pans and containers:

?   The aluminum foil material protects enclosed food against all types of possible contamination from harmful bacteria and toxins.

?   In a hurry? You can easily put the entire meal packaged in an aluminum foil container directly into a modern domestic microwave oven for convenient heating or re-heating purposes. 

?   Aluminum foil is strong enough to remain unaffected by extreme temperatures, light, and moisture. It is the ideal material to pack and store all edible products in for commercial and personal purposes.

?   Dessert chefs rely on aluminum bakeware and individual-sized containers to preserve their culinary creations until they can be served to the customer. Whether the food item needs to be served warm or chilled to perfection, the aluminum food containers can preserve the temperature for hours on end.

Home Chefs Pick Aluminum Pans and Trays

Once sealed correctly on top with lids, aluminum foil-based containers and cooking pans can lock in freshness for days on end. Large foil trays made of aluminum make baking biscottis, cookies, biscuits and other pastry-based desserts a hassle-free task. Grilling meats and vegetable takes literally minutes with the use of sturdy aluminum bakeware in the kitchen.

Similarly, if roast chicken or turkey is on the menu, all you have to do is pick up a large enough smoothwall aluminum roasting pan from the store and begin preparing the meat. Post-cooking cleanup takes seconds with aluminum foil roasting pans, just pick it up and throw it into the recycling bin. Campers often make use of aluminum foil pans and containers to safely store and cook their meals while on-the-go in the wilderness.

While aluminum foil trays and pans can be used just about anywhere, from the barbecue pit to the industrial kitchen, it is important to remember that aluminum foil cookware must not be used for stovetop cooking.

Ditch traditional pans for sturdier, more environmentally-friendly aluminum foil pans, trays and containers to prepare and store all your future meals.



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