Eco-Friendly Food Packaging Solution

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Many consumers are now conscious of their environment, also demanding for their foods to be delivered to them in much more eco-friendly packages. The use of eco-friendly packs would no longer be an option to many companies, this is due to its increase in demand from most consumers of fast food, and the advantages they confer on the environment. By implementation of eco-friendly packages into service delivery, your company won’t only help reduce the environmental footprint, but it will also build brand loyalty to your customers. The use of eco-friendly packaging allows a company to re-use the package for their product in a manner that is friendlier to the environment i.e. using a recyclable package. This has led many manufacturers to seek out ways at which they can deliver food to their consumers.


Below are some packaging options that are tagged eco-friendly. By putting up to purchase such packaging, you act as an agent of change, influencing manufacturers to better packaging services that are easy on the environment.


The glass is one of the most common forms of an eco-friendly form of packaging available. Made from raw-materials that all occur naturally, from the sand to soda ash and finally limestone. There are no noticeable differences between both new and recycled glasses, so there is no end to the number of times that one can recycle glass for us. Also, they can be used for other various functions because they are non-reactive. When a glass is also recycled, no toxic material is produced, they also do not give out chemicals when dumped in dumped in bins.


Especially when used for takeaway, they are recyclable. They tend to have a great negative impact on the environment, so it is advised that when purchased one should use as many times as possible. An example of paper packaging form is the snack bag, they are a convenient item to carry in your lunch-box or bag when going to the office. Snack bags reduce waste due to the fact that they are light weighted. Though snack bags reduce waste by being lighter, if not properly collected and recycled they are prone to causing a problem to the environment.


Plastics are derived from natural gas, especially feed-stocks that are derived from the processing of natural gas and refining of crude oil. Plastics used for bottled water and beverages are recyclable especially when they are collected by the government. If they are abandoned in the environment, they take years before they degrade, and most of them end up in the ocean. When plastic is made for food packaging, it is meant to be used once and then discarded.


Using eco-friendly packaging goes beyond just getting the attention of a consumer, its impact is also extended towards the environment by decreasing the numbers of packaging that end up as waste in the landfills. When using eco-friendly packaging for food, a major factor comes in play; for instance, when materials used to package food gets stained they become difficult to recycle as they contaminate the recycling process. 


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