Disposable Vinyl Gloves – A must for the Food Industry

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Coronavirus has overstayed ever since its arrival. To keep it at bay, it is essential to maintain adequate hygiene at our homes and shops. Most of the shops have necessary safety protocols in place along with raised hygiene standards.

For the food and meat processing industry, it is all the more essential to take necessary measures. In such a situation, disposable gloves can be handy. Disposable gloves are also a part of the personal protective equipment (PPE) against coronavirus.

There are various kinds of disposable gloves available in the market. Each has its own set of benefits. Some of the most popular gloves are latex gloves, vinyl gloves, and nitrile gloves.

Disposable Vinyl Gloves –  A must for the Food Industry

Disposable Vinyl Gloves

One of the best options to safeguard the employees and food in butcher shops is disposable vinyl gloves.

Some essential features of the vinyl gloves are that they are:

  •         Stretchable and Comfortable
  •         Resistant to oil, food, and petroleum
  •         Latex-free
  •         Resistant to chemicals such as acids, bases, alcohols, and other water solutions

Why Vinyl Gloves?

Vinyl Gloves are made from PVC resins and don’t have an allergy risk factor like latex or other rubber alternatives. Another reason why vinyl gloves are preferred is that they offer a greater permeability than nitrile or latex gloves.

They are very popular in the food industry because of their comfortable fit, making them easy to remove or put on quickly. They provide excellent resistance to oil, which serves the dual purpose of protection for the employee and zero risks of cross-contamination

Types of Vinyl Gloves

Vinyl gloves are available in powdered as well as non-powdered variety. The only difference between these varieties is that the powdered gloves are coated with a light layer of corn-starch powder. However, they have different utilities.

The powdered vinyl gloves work as an absorbent to perspiration. The powder on the gloves enables easy removal of the gloves. However, many people face irritation or allergy due to the powder and avoid using the powdered variety. The non-powdered vinyl gloves are preferred because they nullify any possibility of cross-contamination that might happen due to the natural dispersal of the powder.

Tips for using vinyl gloves

Any protective equipment or gear will offer optimal results only when it is used correctly. To shed light on the proper usage of disposable vinyl gloves, we have compiled a list of pointers that you must follow.

  1. Choose the right fit

Don’t settle for too loose or too tight. Your glove should fit you well and should enable you to work comfortably wearing it.

  1. Ensure perfect condition

The gloves will not be helpful if they are torn or punctured. Ensure that they are in perfect condition.

  1. Don’t overuse the gloves

The gloves should be used only when you’re working. It would be best to avoid touching doorknobs, telephones, and other random things while wearing the gloves.

  1. Dispose of the gloves

It is essential to dispose of the gloves once they are contaminated. Don’t reuse them after washing or sanitizing to extend their life. They are designed to be disposed of.

  1. Don’t substitute gloves for washing hands

Gloves are important but cannot be a substitute for regular hand washing or disinfection. It would be best to wash your hands before and after using your gloves.

Disposable vinyl gloves are an excellent investment to secure the hygiene and safety of your butcher shop or catering business. You can buy any size and color of these gloves by visiting us at The Brennan Group.


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