Discover 5 Tips How To Maintain Health & Safety Standards In Your Commercial Kitchen

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Maintaining health and safety standard in a commercial kitchen should be the top most priority of a restaurant, apart from offering fresh and top-quality food. The more actions you are taking to maintain health and safety standards in your commercial kitchen, the more there are chances of great reputation and word of mouth for your restaurant. This is due to the fact that a healthy and clean kitchen has a direct effect on the quality of food that is produced in a restaurant.

Let’s have a look at 5 top tips to maintain health and safety standards in your commercial kitchen.

1. Keep the Food Storage Area Absolutely Clean

The most important tip you need to follow for keeping your commercial kitchen in accordance with the health and safety standards is to keep the storage area absolutely clean. Make a point to get it thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis. It will help to keep the food fresh.

2. Educate your Employees

Apart from personal hygiene of the employees, it is important to educate them about the overall cleanliness of the restaurant. You can use employee handbooks for the purpose of making them aware of the safety and health rules of your restaurant.

3. Employee’s Cleanliness

The workers working in your commercial kitchen must be using all the protective measures in order to keep the kitchen clean. Since they will be directly in contact with the food that is cooked in the kitchen, make sure they are absolutely clean and are using hygienic products. For example, the aprons worn by them must not contain a single spot of dust and dirt. It is advised to use aprons made of high-quality fabric as they are durable and can be cleaned easily. Apart from aprons, it is also suggested to pay importance to other wearables i.e. gloves and mob covers.

You can buy these products and much more from The Brennan Group. Some of the top products offered by us, which can help you to maintain the health standards, include:

Disposable Apron

The disposable apron, blue color, is ideal to be used for preparatory and cleaning works. It is made from a fine quality material, which makes it durable and long lasting.

Vinyl Glove Powder Free

The powder free vinyl glove, offered by The Brennan Group provides superior comfort to the wearer. These gloves are not sterile and natural fit; therefore, provides a solid grip.

Pu Ledolin Apron

The blue apron is perfect to be used in the fish, meat, and food industries. It is resistant to fats and animal oils; hence, easier to clean. Moreover, it provides permanent flexibility.

4. Professional Maintenance Services

It is important to schedule professional maintenance services in order to keep the kitchen free of any kind of germs or hazardous materials. This will help you to adhere to all the safety regulations.

5. Replace the Broken Parts of the Equipment

As soon as you notice any part of the equipment broken or not working properly, make sure you are getting it fixed or replaced immediately. It will enhance the life span of that particular equipment and will help to maintain the safety standard of the workplace.

By following these effective tips, you will be able to enhance the safety and health standards of your commercial kitchen.

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