Chainmesh Workwear – Top Benchmark for Hand & Body Protection

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Butchers and other professionals working in heavy industrial settings such as meat factories and meat processing plants rely on the safety provided by quality stainless steel workwear. Companies can ensure their employees’ safety on the job by offering comfortable yet functional high-quality protective clothing and accessories.  While there are numerous suppliers of butchers protective gloves on the web, only few guarantee the quality of every single ring on the glove.



Chainmail protective aprons and gloves are designed to prevent against injuries and contamination risks in work environments such as cutting operations and slaughterhouses. Each chain mesh product is ergonomically-designed to be lightweight and comfortable while providing protection from work hazards.

The benefits of purchasing chain mesh and chainmail workwear from reliable suppliers includes:

  • Only completely hygienic stainless steel is used in its production
  • Each protective product is easy to clean & sanitize
  • The gloves are completely reversible and interchangeable between arms and hands
  • The manufacturer honors a generous guarantee on all replacement and repair needs

 The following high-quality stainless steel meshwear products for reliable, on-the-job safety are available:

  • Mesh Safety Apron
  • Mesh Safety Glove - No Cuff
  • Mesh Safety Glove - 15 cm Cuff
  • Mesh Safety Glove - Full Arm
  • Mesh Safety Bolero - Wraparound design offers complete protection to the shoulders, chest and neck areas

Steel mesh protective clothing and meat cutting gloves are designed with safety in mind and includes the use of stainless steel rings that are each individually welded for strength. Safety chain gloves for cutting, arm sleeves and full-sized aprons are fashioned out of stainless steel mesh to provide overall hand and body protection for the worker while handling sharp blades and other cutting apparatus.

Stainless steel mesh gloves and arm guards on display at Brennan Group’s website each come equipped with silicone or polyethylene straps.  The customer can choose from either strap options depending on the intended task and the related industrial requirements. Each product is guaranteed to provide the maximum in mesh safety as well as puncture and cut protection, as required by the European Standard 1082-1:1997 for chainmail arm guards and gloves.

All stainless steel chain mesh and chainmail workwear made available in the online catalog are suited for use in heavy industrial settings such as apparel cutting and textile cutting operations  as well as poultry and meat processing applications. The chainmail protective gloves and other meshwear products mentioned above and more are readily available at the Brennan Group’s online store.


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