Bamboo Flagstick Skewers

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Featuring classy, elegant designs from The Brennan Group, these Bamboo Flagstick Skewers are perfect for use with kabobs, fruit/vegetables, or meat. Guaranteed to make dishes look delicious, these skewers are an absolute must-have. These are perfect tools to have on hand in the kitchen which you can also use as stirrers and picks. Not only are bamboo products much more environmentally-friendly than using plastic utensils, but they add a natural, elegant look to any project or recipe that you use with them.


Food Grade Material

Made of 100% selected high-quality natural bamboo, durable, suitable for long-lasting usage. They are also disposable for an easier cleanup process Suitable for appetizer picks, snack, fruit salad, cake decoration, cupcake toppers, cheese, fondue, chocolate fountain, cocktail, DIY design, flower gardening, and handicraft. BBQ skewers, grill sticks, roasting skewers for fish, seafood, hot dog, satay, city chicken, steak, vegetables, corn.

The sharpened tip makes it easy to add food, the smoothness of the bamboo allows for easy release of any potential food you've skewered. Each skewer features a tab design on the handle to allow for improved stability when holding them. These skewers have many of the same characteristics as round skewers but feature a wider flat shape that makes them a durable and stylish option.


Easy to Use

They are smooth and splinter-free. Soak them in water before cooking, and these disposable bamboo skewers will be ready for use on a grill or oven. These eco-friendly skewers are a great alternative to plastic picks and are completely reusable. They offer more tensile strength than wooden skewers and are a must-have for any restaurant or dining location.

Each skewer consists of a pointed tip on one end and each one is long enough to handle several pieces of meat, fruit, marshmallows or vegetables, at the same time. Each skewer is made of lightweight bamboo and is perfect for barbecues, picnics, and camping trips.



All of the bamboo skewers are based on natural material, without any chemical. Made from the outer layer of the bamboo plant known as the sheath that falls off naturally. Sheaths are collected, cleaned, boiled, laminated, pressed & bonded. Its manufacturing process is completed without the use of chemicals or toxins. Also, bamboo is annually renewable so resources are replaced by the environment over time.



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