5 Benefits Of Using A Wooden Butcher’s Block

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As a resolve to shift away from the widely used plastic chopping boards, we recommend usage of their wooden counterparts. Plastic boards might be cheaper cost wise, but can cause significant environmental damage in the long run. The wooden butcher’s blocks on the other hand must be used for having its share of advantages.


Let’s have a look at few of its benefits:


1.   Durability and Variety

Wooden blocks are most popular for their durability. It has the capacity to withstand daily heavy use which is most often the case at a butcher’s shop. It is known to last for several years and has good life compared to other chopping boards. If cared for and maintained well it can last you for decades! Thus, saving a huge money on purchasing new boards consistently. Also, you have a lot of options when shopping for wooden blocks. Those looking for a rich coloured block can opt for Cherry or Red Oak. Those who are looking for a hard piece of block might opt for Maple.


2.       Easy to Repair

A chopping board gets exposed to a variety of butcher’s knives over time and tends to reveal nicks and scratches slowly. But when you oil a wooden block properly, it will feel shiny and intact. It will last decades with a little elbow grease. One reserve: butcher blocks are pore-like, meaning that there is typically not a chance of mould growth or rotting in the region around a drain. Maple is the most famous butcher block wood since it is comparatively cost-effective, long-lasting, and readily accessible. 


3.   Knife Safety

A butcher uses different kinds of knives on a regular basis, ranging from meat cleavers  to a boning knife. Repetitive use of knives on plastic boards can cause them to get blunt very quickly. Comparatively, a wooden butcher’s block is known to keep the knife sharper and its blade intact.



4.   Self-Cleansing Property

According to a study, researchers spread bacteria over various chopping boards including plastic, rubber and wood. This was left over night at a room temperature to gauge the results of the experiment. Astoundingly, the bacteria on plastic and rubber boards had remained the same in number next morning. But there were no bacteria found on the wooden board. This signifies the self-cleansing property of wooden surfaces which make it a hot favourite. Any butcher’s shop is exposed to the risk of bacterial infections due to constant presence of large quantity of meat. Having a wooden butcher board in such cases can work as a boon and help evade of potential bacteria in time.


5.   Classic Appearance

If you want to get featured or maintain the highest level of classiness in your kitchen, a wooden butcher’s block is the way to go. As far as aesthetics go, nothing can beat it. It suits any kind of kitchen and has a timeless appeal. It is not just a piece of equipment in the kitchen, but serves as the butcher’s constant kitchen companion for many years to come.



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