5 Beef Cooking Ideas

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There are different ways one can cook beef, but it comes down to the two main types of cooking methods, these are the dry heat and moist heat. Dry heat cooking method uses hot air to conduct heat around the beef like broiling. Moist heat cooking method includes any method that involves cooking with moisture, such braising or stewing. Dry heat and moist heat methods are important because you need to choose the right type of cooking method that best suite what you’re trying to prepare. Here are 5 different methods for cooking beef.

1. Braising & Stewing: Braising and stewing are two moist heat cooking methods and the two major differences between them is that; braising is for large cuts of beef, while stewing is for beef that is cut into pieces. Secondly, when stewing, the liquid will entirely submerge whatever beef dish you’re making, while when braising you’ll only have to use a little liquid in your pot. The two-cooking method are great for anyone who is busy or is a beginner when it comes to cooking. They both require very little time, and works best with less-expensive cuts of beef.

2. BBQ Beef ribs: Barbecuing involves the cooking of beef ribs for a very long period of time using indirect, low-heat. This is done over logs or wood chips that smokes the ribs. You prepare the meet by cleaning the back of the ribs, removing the membrane. Season both sides of ribs with dry rub. After smoking the ribs to your satisfaction, remove from smoker and allow the ribs to rest for about 10 minutes. Add Joey’s Hoisin Sauce before serving.

3. Grilling: Grilling is the most popular method to cook what we know as “steaks”. Grilling involves cooking over a gas or other heat source. Usually grilling involves high heat for a short period of time. Glazed beef is beef stock that has been reduced in such a way that nearly all the water in it is removed. Using the Jack’s Garden Mint Glaze you will be adding flavor introducing richness and intensity to your glaze.

4. Broiling: Broiling uses dry heat, and the heat is supplied from above the beef. Broiling beef only takes minimum time, and it is easy to do with an oven. You can marinate your beef using Mike’s Tex Mex Marinade to enrich flavor.

5. Baking: when cooking meat, you may not think of baking but it does happen. Baking is done in an oven, and one can use either a covered or uncovered pan. Baking and roasting are two similar cooking methods, but the difference between the two is in the temperature used in baking the meat. Baking is done with lower heat source (375 degrees and below) while roasting is done with higher heats (400 degrees or higher).


We have been eating meat for a very long time. One does not need to own a restaurant before you can cook meat. One major thing about beef preparation that makes it very fascinating is that it has various methods at which one can prepare it, so you can prepare your beef that way you want it and to your own preference.


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