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German knife manufacturer Giesser is a leading name where quality knives are concerned. From Michelin Chefs to Sunday Cooks, all those treasure the gourmet experience select Giesser chef knives for their kitchens. 

Johannes Giesser, a son of a humble cutler, started the Giesser legacy back in 1776 by innovating a line of the finest knives and cutlery that Europe had ever seen. Fast forwarding to 1920, Giesser expanded its reach by exporting to customers in Austria and Denmark.

Giesser knives are crafted out of the finest materials, such as Chromium-molybdenum steel that results in the sharpest, rust-resistant blades. The brand only uses materials that pass food safety and hygiene requirements by health authorities. Each blade undergoes a vigorous vacuum-tempering process to increase the blade’s durability. Giesser Knives are designed for heavy-duty use in the food service industry.



Knives by Giesser: Cut Types and Utility

Partly Serrated Edge (AW) - This is a knife that features serration that is sharp enough through the firmest plastic sausage casings.
Wavy Edge (W) - This is a knife that features regularly grinded waves that allow the tool to cut through hard crusts without slipping or sliding.
Scalloped Edge (WWL) - A knife that is scalloped provides for smooth cuts like meat or tougher vegetables.
Serrated Edge (Z) - This is easily the best knife to use while cutting fruits and vegetables with tougher skins. 

Giesser’s Primeline boning knives are fashioned with soft, ergonomic handles made of slip-proof plastic and the hardest steel to ensure precision cutting in the kitchen. The 6” Granton Curved Boning Knife was designed for use by butchers, meat cutters and packers. Each knife is individually stamped with serial numbers for swift identification of the knife’s owner. The edge works seamlessly for boning larger animals such as hogs or deers in the commercial kitchen.

Giesser’s knives quickly become kitchen essentials for all those gifted with a knife on a special occasion. This is due to the superior quality and resilient design of Giesser’s knives that promise razor-sharp cutting for months on end. A sharp knife always takes precedence over the weight or style of the blade.  The grippy handles allow a solid grip, even if the user’s hands are covered with flour or sweat. Knives made by Giesser are perfect for use in the hustle and bustle of commercial kitchens and catering service kitchens. Experienced chefs know that they do not require an entire set of knives, but a handful of reliable cutting tools like the knives produced by the German brand Giesser.

Giesser produces approximately 2,500 varieties of stamped and forged knives as well as different accessories to aid in food service. Giesser’s Winnenden-based factory produces close to 8,000 knives on a daily basis. It is common knowledge that purchasing a knife online is risky business. Customers are recommended to visit the nearest Giesser outlet to test-drive the knives before placing an order. Brennan Group is proud to be the official distributor of Giesser’s quality chef knives across Ireland.


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