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Burger presses frequently produce burgers with various shapes and sizes, maintaining the meat fresh and cool while reducing the need for handling. It also does a tightly packed burger that bins ingredients, resulting in a pure pattie.Handmade burgers are always an enjoyable task for aspiring cooks at home or even the regular folks who just want to explore the taste of a home made burgers, using burger presses will still be a preferred choice for achieving the best results for quality production of a handmade but commercial quality patty. But are burger presses really worth it?

The answer is yes! Here’s why.

Less Handling

Burger presses help you to bring patties in between your warm hands without splattering the meat. The heat radiated from your hands can cause the proteins to denature. In other words, packaging raw meat with your hands will cause the fat to melt and the meat to break apart, which creates a soggy, unattractive texture, you don't want that when you start to devour the burger.

Efficient and Saves Time

Time is Gold! Sure you heard that maybe a million times. Particularly at the shops of commercial butchers. Although individual burgers may be worthy love labors for home cooks, this is seldom the case with butchers. Butchers also have much more meat to handle, and they can cut huge quantities of burgers quicker and more effectively especially with the use of a manual burger press that handles multiple patties in a seamless press.

Less Mess!

Burger Press is less of a mess. Especially when you are using Patty Paper or Patty Discs. Here's a secret,  you can put the disc on the bottom of your press. Put a meatball on top of that. Place another piece of paper over the meat. Pres hardly and firmly and then Boom!  there's your great patty, and there's no meat on your press.

High Quality, More Dense Burgers, and Purer Patties

They maintain a consistent shape and density similarity, so you can be confident that they will never fall apart. There are even unique presses like this steak burger press that make them unique enabling a bit of imagination and flair. There is also no need for an egg when you are using a press. Or the crumbs of a bread. Or whichever meatloaf-intentioned binder you juncture your patties with. A press will stack them firmly enough, without using your hands to create the mess that you receive. So save that egg and put it on top for later!

Burger presses are just magnificent, perfect to use for your equally magnificent homemade burgers. There are multiple benefits that burger presses offer especially for the experienced butchers and even for the people out there who just can't resist making their own burger. Before using burger press, make sure to also use a meat mincer for a perfect combination and a more quality and tasteful homemade burger. Visit this Five Great Burger Recipes that you can try to cook at home.


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